With technology.. business as dandy

With technology.. business as dandy

Updated : 05 November 2022 09:02 AM IST

Ajitesh Korupol has achieved great success by combining the real estate business with the technology sector. An app that makes construction management easy… sold to real estate companies in the United States of America… Ajitesh shared his success as the youngest person to achieve a turnover of Rs 1000 crore in five years. With ‘Itaram’.

AJitesh completed his economics degree in USA. After graduation, he joined the firm in which his father was a partner. He successfully fulfilled his assigned responsibilities for three years. On the other hand a seed company named ‘Edugard’ was established. He focused on designing an intelligent mapping application to facilitate the management of the construction sector. In this mandate, he observed rapid changes in the manufacturing sector. In order to succeed in this, he formed a company called ASBL with his friend Anil, with the intention of knowing the shortcomings in the real estate business and construction sector.

Facing challenges

Competition is high in the real estate sector. To live here, you have to be different from everyone else. For that, Ajitesh wanted to run the technology using advanced technology and artificial intelligence. As a part of it, many ex-servicemen were newly appointed and given important duties. But before the end of the year, more than 70 percent of the employees left the company. The main reason for this is that the senior employees are not able to leave the traditional system and embrace the latest technology systems. So Ajitesh himself went to colleges and selected young employees. After two years of research, he realized that transparency and speed are key in this field. It used to take about a month for the monopolies to get the bills after completing the work. Engineering and Quality Division. This will delay the work. As an antidote to this, he developed a technologically autonomous system. A tech company with fifty software engineers was set up for this. Vishwa and Dhruva apps developed using artificial intelligence with website experiences. Through these he created technology to complete computer job schedules and approve bills. In this the app updates any day’s work.

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Using artificial intelligence..

Sales are the key to moving a real estate business forward. For this, Dhruva App is designed to increase sales. How does it work? They received 130,000 phone calls in 11 months for their housing project. Who is actually buying houses in this? It’s hard to know. But the Dhruva app… analyzes the manner in which the caller searched, the context, the time they spoke, the questions asked… in every aspect. Based on the website, phone calls and information interacted on the site, it identifies who is a serious customer and provides their details to the marketing staff. It works like an algorithm. Ajitesh says that sales can be made easily through this technology. In addition, advanced technology in advanced work packaging (AWP) critical to engineering was developed and sold to an American company.

A milestone of crores

Once capable of handling 200 workers, the ASBL currently employs 1,300 people daily. Million square feet of work is done every year. 40 storey towers are being built within five years of establishment. Ajitesh was hailed as a young builder who was not only recognized as one of the top 40 construction companies in the country but also crossed the Rs 1,000 crore sales milestone by 2021-22.

– Mallepally Ramesh Reddy, Hyderabad

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