With so much money you are one of the richest men in Germany


How much wealth do you have to accumulate to become the richest percentage of the population? Property Report by Knight Frank, Real Estate Advisor Exactly two million US dollars, about 1.7 million euros. “Handlesblatt” reported.

With this amount, Germany ranks 10th in an international comparison. Monaco is ahead, followed by Switzerland and the USA.

However, if you look at the number of people with assets of at least US $ 1 million, the Federal Republic is far ahead. With 2.8 million billionaires, it ranks third behind the USA and China.

Many people in Germany also dream of big money. About joining the special circle of the super-rich, the richest percentage of the population. But how big should luck really be? Knight Frank owns one of the largest real estate consultants in the world In its annual financial report Answered. This gives a very specific figure: to become one of the richest, you need $ 2 million in assets in Germany – equivalent to about 1.7 million euros. “Handlesblatt” reported.

This puts the Federal Republic in tenth place worldwide. So people in the other nine countries need more money to be part of the richest group. Monaco ranks lonely in the rankings. The density of billionaires here is so high that you need $ 7.9 million to get to the top percentage. The city-state is followed by Switzerland and the USA, where the threshold is $ 5.1 million and $ 4.4 million, respectively.

Germany ranks third in the number of billionaires

In comparison to the European Union, Germany lags behind the other two countries: Ireland and France in eighth and ninth. The difference here is relatively small though: the super-wealth limit here is $ 2.6, $ 2.1 million.

If you ignore the super-rich and count the number of billionaires living in a country, Germany quickly ranks third. A total of 2.8 million German citizens – about 3.4 percent of the population – have assets of more than US $ 1 million. The United States and China alone are ahead of the Federal Republic with 19 million and 5.8 million billionaires, respectively.

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