With “Blacklight”, Liam Neeson sinks again

With "Blacklight", Liam Neeson sinks again

An FBI agent finds his employer suspicious practices. He will persevere in exposing corruption while trying to protect his loved ones. Fourteen years after “Taken”, another “Liam Neeson movie” on the forehead.

Travis Block, an FBI agent, intervenes as a last resort to help his colleagues get out of trouble. He is obedient and loyal and competes for the US government when he learns that the federal police are killing opponents and civilians. By refusing to silence the agent who wants to reveal his connection to the media, he becomes the person to be killed. Of course, federal villains will quickly attack his family, the only imaginary way to put pressure on Travis. But let’s not heat up the grandfather who turns killer knowledge against his former employers.

Blacklight It sounds like the worst cover of a rock album, bringing its melody up to date but the lyrics remain the same. Liam Neeson is not abandoning his role as the liberating patriarch he played Taken by – For fourteen years. It’s different from a modern action film directed by Mark Williams, which is closer to the Stallion nanors of the 80s. On the menu, the same chase, two car blasts and a few regulatory shootings.

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