With a sharp increase in the number of cases, the Ron (Graf) incident is close to 700.

With a sharp increase in the number of cases, the Ron (Graf) incident is close to 700.

Source: Public Health France

The number of new cases is increasing in Lyon, the Metropolis of Lyon and the department. Infectious Disease Recovery Ron is one of the most affected departments in France.

Circulation of the virus during T in an area is measured by the rate of occurrence. This is an important indicator of the number of positive cases in the last 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants per sliding week.

The virus is still widespread

According to the latest figures confirmed in the Ron Department on Sunday, December 5th, The rate of events is 699.2 (Hence the data take into account the period between Tuesday, November 30th and Monday, December 6th). The rate was 423 on November 26, 284 on November 22 and 135 on November 15. The increase is very clear in a few days … By comparison, the average rate of events in France is 469.

Source: Public Health France

The HCL intensive care unit is on the verge of saturation

Asked Wednesday, December 8th Leon Capital, The General Manager of Hospices Civils de Lyon (France’s second largest hospital structure behind Paris hospitals) records that the situation in HCLs is severely tense. “This Wednesday morning (December 8), almost all re-stimulation beds were occupied“, Explains Moin in Raymond.”This Wednesday and Thursday we must make the decision to activate the placement of more serious care and resuscitation beds. We had begun to program, and are now moving toward the point where the potential for intensive care beds that can accommodate Kovid-19 patients is increasing again.“, Adds the HCL Director.

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To read the full interview: Kovid-19: “We can not see the end of it”, almost all intensive care beds in Lyon, HCL

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