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With a series of great virtual events, Cork Pride offers an exciting annual return

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The annual Pride Celebrations are set to take place in Cork in the coming days, of course – this is no other celebration.

The Cork LGBT + Pride Festival brings you a great program of creatively redesigned events to enjoy from October 19th to 25th.

The festival has been rescheduled not once but twice this year due to an epidemic, and the organizers are now holding a virtual celebration with the welfare and safety of the participants as a priority.

“Physical aspects are no longer possible due to the COVID-19 restrictions – the safety and well-being of our community and proud family will always be our main concern,” the organizers said.

The exciting program of events includes a D&I conference, a coming out talk, seminars, a virtual parade and an after party.

Cork LGBT + Pride Festival 2020 Magazine is now live on, where you can view the full program of events.

“We can’t wait to celebrate a very different Cork LGBT + Pride Festival with you, your family, colleagues and friends – get ready for some amazing events, speakers and performers!”

There will be two community discussion evening events covering various community topics.

The annual ‘Cork Pride Welcome to Community: Coming Out’ event is the most emotional event on this year’s calendar, where new members are welcomed, and the community shares insights and stories about coming out or adjusting their gender or gender.

An extraordinary range of guest speakers will take part in a discussion on LGBT + identity, racism, racial issues, and those from minority backgrounds in the LGBT + community. Speakers will soon announce, chaired by representatives of the Gay Project and Link.

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On Thursday, October 22nd, an annual memorial service will be held to commemorate those who gave courage and freedom to the LGBT + community who they are.

The next day will host a diversity and inclusion conference, with participants from over 50 companies and organizations all investing in creating and maintaining a workplace that includes LGBT +.

That evening the Cork Pride & Cork LGBT Archive launched the Interactive LGBT + Walking Tour, in collaboration with Orla Egan from Cork LGBT. Cork has a long and rich LGBT + history that everyone should know about. To check it out, go to the organization’s Facebook page on Friday, October 23 at 6pm.

Finally, after the Cork Pride Parade and Party: Together, on Sunday, October 25 at 2 pm: “Join us for our legendary parade and afterparty..but not as you know! Join us online … all from the comfort of your own home! “

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