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Winx Saga on Netflix: A Trailer for the Adaptation of the Animated Series – TV News Series

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Replay of the Italian animated series, Destiny: The Winx Saga opens with a catchy trailer that shows the world of cult fairy tales throughout a generation.

The world of Cartoon Winx Club is adoring a whole generation with a live action adaptation to discover on Netflix from this January 22nd. This replay of the live shots of the 2000 series created and produced by Ignatius Trophy is revealed in the catchy trailer, in which you can find a few more of the Fairy crew performers. Destiny: Winx Saga is a modern adaptation of a cartoon that gained some freedom with its original material.

Signed Brian Young (screenwriter for The Vampire Diaries), filmed six episodes of Destiny: The Winx Saga in Ireland. In a magical and charming landscape, fairies need to understand their magical universe and deal with their romantic, friendly, and school relationships. Located in the rest of the world, Alfia’s boarding school will be the venue for many twists and turns.

Wit of Fate: The Winx Saga is reminiscent of another Netflix hit, The Chilling Adventures of Safrina. Actress Abigail Cowan (Dorcas in Sabrina) plays the lead role of Bloom. Hannah van der Westuisen (Grantchester) as Stella, Precious Mustafa (Aeschylus de Morse) as Aisha, Elliott Salt (Ordinary People) as Elisha, and Elisha Applebaum (Undercover Hooligan) as Musa. Winx will face Beatrix, a powerful enemy played by Sadie Sovereign (Rose Play Julie). They can be trusted with the help of specialists Rivan (Freddie Thorpe), Sky (Danny Griffin), Dane (Theo Abraham) and Sam (Jacob Dudman).

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