Winter Weather: Extreme cold and chances of snowfall in coming days

Winter Weather: Extreme cold and chances of snowfall in coming days

Cold is far away in our country! The cold front that started on November 30 will continue till at least December 15 or beyond. This month of December, in the end, could be negative, making it the coldest December since 2010.

Return of dry cold and widespread cold

Heat Index: Steady cold © The Weather Channel

The skies cleared over the southern half of the country from Monday morning. Thank goodness for clear skies and snow-covered ground in all comforts Nocturnal radiation Allowed a significant reduction in temperature. Many towns along the Languedoc coast experienced a late but sometimes severe cold spell. We recorded temperatures as low as -12°C in Loser and -21.5°C in Vercors (phenomenon cold hole).

This trend continues till Thursday. Nights will be clearer and snow will be widespread, including in the northern half, values ​​remain slightly positive in recent days. According to our thermal indicator, average temperatures will be 2 to 3 degrees Celsius above average this weekend before dropping by 4 degrees Celsius.

Beware of fog!

Risk of frost © The Weather Channel

With the return of calm, dry and cool weather Frozen fog Widespread in plains and valleys. While the mountains are guaranteed to stay under the stars at night and the sun during the day, seas of clouds keep the plains cool and sometimes unmelting. Special care is therefore required on the roads, as freezing fog can reduce visibility and cause snow to form on the ground. Less dangerous than ice, although it can make roads slippery.

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Towards the end of the week with fresh snow?

From Thursday and Friday, the reliability of the forecast is again limited. Indeed, disturbances will rise from the Iberian Peninsula to the south of France, but the transition zone and the air mass conflict (contact between rain and cold air) have not yet been determined. It will then spread from the Pyrenees to the mid-east, with snow again in the mountains and snow at low altitudes in the mid-east. But according to some climate models, this disturbance could escape to Switzerland very quickly, and disappear completely, blocking the cold air.

So this evolution is worth watching from mid-week as other weak snow showers are likely to descend from the English Channel and North Sea this time to our northern regions.

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