Wine sector, Confagricultura Latina: “Energy costs and stocks will lead to lower prices: extraordinary government intervention required”

Latina – The agricultural organization intervenes after the alarm raised by companies in the sector and in the Pontine area: serious consequences for the whole sector.

Similar to those introduced to address the complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, energy costs increase sterilization and provide exceptional support and flexibility. To draw attention to the crisis in the wine sector, after the alarm raised by national leaders of Confagricultura at a recent meeting in Congliano and attended by the main associations of the sector in Italy, France and Spain, Confagricultura is. Latina follows a note sent to agricultural organizations and signed by some of the area’s major wineries.

This document indicates the harvest campaign that is about to end, and a drop in prices is announced, which is locally related to four factors: a significant increase in production and processing costs (more than 50%); The increase in stocks on July 31, 2022 is equal to 1,555,491.00 hectoliters compared to the previous year, wine alone for total stocks equal to 47,451,108.00 hectoliters. hectoliters; A decrease in demand due to objective loss of purchasing power of consumers; 2022 production is estimated to be in line or slightly below the average of previous years (national data).

Our agricultural association reiterated a clear position even at the Conegliano Summit – Luigi Nicolini, president of Confagricultura Latina explains – We are talking about a situation that defines the wineries themselves worse than the pandemic situation, and the sector deserves the support and consideration of interventions that meet the criteria already used in the case of Covid.“.

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Among the requests made at the national level, there is the need to protect the promotion policy as a tool to guarantee the competitiveness of wines, to protect the nutrition labeling rules and the list of ingredients already decided in the framework of the CAP regulations. Ask Member States and the European Commission to oppose the Irish proposal on health warnings by submitting a detailed opinion under the Label Digital and TRIS labeling procedure.

A note signed by our area wineries – Mauro D’Arcangeli, director of Confagricoltura Latina, explains – Draws the same scenarios described in the national summits and confirms that the commitment of Confagricultura is in the right direction. At this juncture it is necessary to organize with a view to bring to the attention of the government the need to intervene without delay so that the efforts of many manufacturers are not wasted in the crisis that is plaguing a sector across our region. There are thousands of companies that are the driving force of the Latino province’s economy“.

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