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Windows 11 only: Updated favorite Microsoft applications calculator, email, calendar and clipping tool

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New apps for Windows 11 only – Sorry for Windows 10 users!

Source: SmartLife / Microsoft

First important update Windows 11 Insider preview versions of the new operating system bring new applications and an old device to a new look.

Updated and changed by Microsoft Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Calendar I. Microsoft Calculator, Whose new features, layout and add-ons can only be tested on Windows 11.

Press Windows Taster, Shift Eye Taster S It will open for you Microsoft Sniping Tool.

To translate this into Serbian, cut out a screen image of any shape and size that suits you. Added new options for selecting cut patterns and adding text or bookmarks. This tool works on Windows 10 as well, but it does not have as many “luxury” options as it does on Windows 11 right now.

Applications Mail I. Calendar.

Only for its love GitHub Team Microsoft developers have rewritten the Microsoft Calculator application in C #, allowing other freelance developers to add their own calculator add-ons at any time. The calculator now has a new look like mail and calendar, but also a dark mode that has been missing so far.

New applications seem to exist within the Windows 11 operating system, but they do not seem to be coming Windows 10This is because, in the official announcement of the launch of the new OS, the old one is not mentioned at all, and it is stated that Windows 11 will get better and redesigned applications.

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It seems that Microsoft will do its best wherever it prompts us to switch to the new OS.

What do you say to Windows 11?

Windows 11
Source: YouTube / Windows

Windows 11 operating system
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