Windnors allege government uses ‘fraudulent’ data to shut down wet pubs

Windnors allege government uses 'fraudulent' data to shut down wet pubs

The Licensed Winters ‘Association (LVA) and the Winters’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) allege that the government uses misleading data and information to close certain parts of the hospitality sector.

From Friday, food-serving pubs will be allowed to reopen, while pubs that do not remain open throughout the year will be closed.

In a statement, both groups claimed to have identified 14 “deficiencies, fraudulent use of data and incomplete consideration” published by the government.

The groups claim a report from the government explaining the reason behind the decision to close wet pubs has not shown any evidence to suggest that it is more likely to be broadcast than food-serving businesses.

They say the data is relevant to the reopening of universities and sports competitions, and that the government is highlighting wet pubs as areas of concern.

“It is astonishing that the government is using such a weak and misleading document to shut down wet pubs,” said VFI chief executive Padreig Cribben: “Their so-called evidence is full of fraudulent uses and huge gaps in analysis. “.

Both associations are demanding that wet pubs be allowed to reopen on December 4th.


The tourism sector will take five years

This is because Independent TD Michael McGrath said the unequal playing field between gastropubs and wet pubs should be addressed.

Taoist Michael Martin said he had decided to close wet pubs because allowing them to reopen would lead to higher case numbers faster than closing.

“I do not want more than a pint of some rural pubs now,” Taozeech justified that position again in Dale today, but said that closing them was the best way to reduce the spread of the virus.

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McGrath told the Oriachos Tourism Committee that it was an unfair approach that led to the closure of many pubs. He said he had heard from gastropubs that he had decided against opening up to large crowds for fear of other pubs closing.

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