Will the mask be chipping people in next year? Technology tested on pigs and monkeys! Here are the first candidates! Video

Will the mask be chipping people in next year?  Technology tested on pigs and monkeys!  Here are the first candidates!  Video

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The news came from the billionaire when asked about the company’s plans for 2022 during a live interview at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council summit on Monday.

“Neuralink works well in monkeys, we only actually do a lot of testing, and it’s very safe and reliable and the neuralink device can be safely removed,” Musk said.

The world’s richest man has fulfilled his promise not to “own a house”. Musk sold his assets in Silicon Valley on Thursday for $ 30 million, $ 7.5 million less than the $ 37.5 million initially announced in June, according to records. “We hope our first people get it – next year, until FDA approval, they will have serious spinal cord injuries like tetraplegics and quadriplegics.

“I think we have the opportunity to allow someone who can not walk or use his hands to walk again – but not naturally.”

On April 9, 2021, Neuralink showed a monkey its brain chip, which allowed the animal to play the pong game using only its mind.

An instrument in the animal’s brain recorded information about the activation of neurons as she played a game and learned to predict the movements she would make.

“Basically, the monkey looked normal, but telepathy is playing a video game, I think it’s very deep,” Musk said during a live broadcast on Monday.

The neuralink system consists of a computer chip attached to small flexible threads that are sewn to the brain using a “sewing machine-like” robot.

The device picks up signals from the brain, which translate them to motor controls.

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Musk says the technology has been shown to be safe in the brain and can be easily removed, so FDA approval is needed to prevent neuralgia from being tested in humans.

“Our standards for equipment installation are higher than those approved by the FDA, and our safety standards are far higher than those required by the US government.”

Musk shared a tweet on Monday, repeating the 2022 timeline, stating that Neuralink’s progress will accelerate when the devices are “in next year’s people”.

However, the billionaire had previously promised to start experimenting on humans – in 2019, he planned to experiment by the end of 2020.

Musk has a reputation for raising expectations for his company’s technologies, delivering them and frustrating them.

Before seeing the neural link in a monkey’s brain, Musk first exhibited it in pigs.

The company’s first show took place on August 28, 2020, and Muslik announced that Neuralink would “show activated neurons in real time”.

Although presented in a live demonstration, the participants were disappointed when the neurons became neurons of a pig named Gertrude, not a human.

However, Musk seems to be very confident in the 2022 timeline and Neuralink’s ability to help paralyzed people walk again.

“It’s a big deal, I don’t want to raise unjustified expectations, but I’m convinced it can be done,” he said.

In addition to helping people walk again, the neuralink chip can help treat addiction and depression, Musk said.

In a tweet published in July 2020, the millionaire responded to a user’s tweet asking if the implant could “retrain a part of the brain” related to the disease.

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Pranay Pathol, a Twitter user, wrote: “Can neuralinks be used to re-train the part of the brain that causes addiction or depression?”

“It would be great if I could use something like neuralink addiction / depression treatment.”

‘of course. It’s big and scary, “Musk wrote in response.

In May 2020, Musk spoke about Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss how a ready-made version of Neuralink’s Brain Implant could be made “within a year.”

Musk explained that in the process of removing a part of the skull, the robots insert electrodes into the brain and the device into the hole, leaving only a small scar.

He also found that in just 25 years, the technology could be developed into a complete brain interface, enabling a “symbiosis” between humans and artificial intelligence.

“You don’t have to talk,” Musk said, predicting that technology would go further to allow “coexistence” between humans and artificial intelligence.

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