Will Irish Gaelic soon become the official language in Northern Ireland?

Will Irish Gaelic soon become the official language in Northern Ireland?

A bill aimed at giving Gaelic official language status in Northern Ireland was passed by the House of Lords on May 22 and will soon be debated in the British Parliament. This is the victory of the defenders of this minority language.

To Gaelic’s defenders, the incident was “historic.”

The British House of Lords first considered a bill to give co-official status to their language in the Province of Northern Ireland. Gayle could be used in Ulster’s administrative and government services or in the courts, subject to final approval by the British Parliament. Irish language activists have been demanding Gaelic’s official status for years.

In this tense area, the move was part of the Good Friday Peace Accords signed between Unionists and Republicans in 1998. But since then the Unionists have fought hard against the possibility of giving the Gaelic language official status.

Thousands of Northern Irish people took to the streets of Belfast the day before the Bill House of Lords was considered, demanding the co – official status of their language alongside English. The word word Conchur O MuadaighThe association that organized the event was “Recognition, Respect and Rights of the Gaelic Language”.

The bill is backed by the current British government, which is keen to maintain balance in the province, which has been rocked by the Brexit.

An important step towards establishing a new cultural framework for the people of Northern Ireland

Brandon Lewis, UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Brandon Lewis, British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, hailed it as “an important step in establishing a new cultural framework for the people of Northern Ireland”. The legislative path is now following its course, and British MPs should check the text in the fall. The Irish Gaelic is spoken by 17,750,000 people, mostly on the island. One figure representing the Republic of Ireland, 39.5% of the population. On January 1, 2022, Gaelic became the 24th official language of the European Union.

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Corsican language activists are closely following the process of Gaelic officialization in Northern Ireland. The Mediterranean, on the other hand, is not convinced of this claim, as requested by a resolution of the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica, which was voted on in 2013 by the mandate of Paul Geocobi. The move could lead to planned talks between elected officials and the government in Corsica on the possible evolution of the island’s situation, which is set to open in the coming weeks.

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