Will England bring home the World Cup? This is the World Cup you dream of

Will England bring home the World Cup?  This is the World Cup you dream of

. Here you can read the first of the painful hopes that ESPN can help England as England pursues Russia in search of glory.

I would like to start by quoting an email I sent to a friend about our prediction tournament the night before the start of the World Cup:

“I know it sounds weird, but I have a weird feeling about the sixth group. I’ve seen Mexico a couple of times and they love to play halfway. If both German fullbacks are far ahead, they can. That means the Germans will win. Twice as much. “I think they will face Sweden, but it could be a problem for South Korea, especially if Neuer loses after pursuing a goal later. So I hope Mexico and Sweden will pass and Germany will finish last. “

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I want to start like this, in fact I see it now, but of course I did not write this email, it did not cross my mind to do so. My prediction is that Excel will beat Germany in the tournament and beat Brazil 2-1 in the final.

Perhaps the quality of football is indifferent. I don’t have to feel anti-patriotic, but every World Cup that English fans discuss is the best way to get to the final, almost everyone can dream of. . There may be a crazy football optimist somewhere with a Mexican father and a Swedish mother, but I can’t see him kicking his country out of that group.

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It’s a tournament where almost anything can happen at any time, and it’s great. 13 out of 16 were definitely to be expected. This is not the 2018 version. Russia was better than anyone else could have imagined, Poland was bad, I need not explain the other shock, however I would do it anyway: Germany finished last! Slaughtered Sweden, Mexico, South Korea!

But the games themselves were exciting, sometimes confusing and often annoying (we will miss you baby), and were infinitely excited about the introduction of VAR technology. Who would have thought that someone who watches TV could be such a great TV? Sometimes you don’t want to resume football because you are late.

Of course, the VAR referee gave more penalties, which is always right, but the way football works, any team that struggles usually needs to find a goal somewhere, so the VAR referee leads to more open games and scores more goals. Aiming.

(As we speak, someone somewhere, a PhD student with a PhD in technology and sports, is going to play like a dog in every World Cup game he has already played, trying to figure out who will win every tournament. The video referee is available.

We really enjoyed the launch of Spray Foam in 2014, but it’s a new level of unpredictable entertainment.

We have been here before. The fun group stage can often be an infinite surprise because precaution is required, goals will end and games will last 30 minutes. (In England it will create serious internal conflict as the reality show “Love Island” which is loved by all teen players in the country and airs during friendly football hours at 9pm., Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to want anything anyway.

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But there is a good chance the trouble will continue, as yesterday ‘s first two qualifiers prevented the second round from distorting the tournament. Defense is an art that is largely endangered, and the masters, the Italians and Chileans, do not even go to the finals to tell their own story. Either way, the referee can whistle at every corner kick and call the video assistant referee and find the injury, a barrier that usually breaks the barrier.

The atmosphere in England was happy after Harry Kane’s last – minute victory over Tunisia in the first group stage, and the joy turned to joy after five goals in the first half against Panama. This is acceptable given England’s problems in the group stage against smaller teams. We remember waiting until the 83rd minute for a goal against Trinidad in 2006, a goalless draw with Algeria in 2010, another difficult embarrassing performance against Ireland, Egypt and Paraguay.

Against Panama, England were quick and unforgiving, never using two adjectives to describe England’s performance in the 21st century World Cup final, as Belgium’s defeat was forgotten. If the next round is successfully discussed, second place in the England group will no doubt make the quarter-finals easier.

As far as I can tell, this team is famous. You are young and humble and have not failed a hundred times. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard were great players, but we need not ask ourselves why their club in England is not reproducing. It feels like a vacation.

However, it is important to remember England’s problems in the 16th round against the best teams. As I can do every four years (statistics never change), England have won five matches to disqualify themselves from the entire history of competition on foreign soil, the last of which was a 1: 0 victory over Ecuador. 2006. It is not impossible to beat Colombia, especially the Colombian team that destroyed Poland, Falcao vs. Harry Maguire is a game that could have made us laugh a year ago, before we all decided it was going to happen. Home. Oh, and according to the FIFA classification, the “easy” quarter-final against Switzerland will become the sixth best team in the world.

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But those few days are a beautiful break from the deep divisions that separate us. Nationalism has many different meanings in England after the vote to leave the European Union, and many such meanings have upset many people. But the good thing about this sport is that it simplifies everything.

Until Tuesday evening, with more luck, we all want the same thing: the Harry Kane trilogy. If you do not have a lot of spare time, this will be a Jesse Lingard trio, of course you can be a City fan or Yorkshire Police. From the late winner Jimmy Verdy Bank? Nobody hates Lester, right? Oh anyway. You understand my tendencies. We are all in unity. Have you heard of Germany? Out! Home! Defeated South Korea in the final group match!

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