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Will Calabria save tourism as a “land of the fathers”, a place for immigrants?

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Revolution, he said Bakunin, This is always three-quarters fantasy and one-fourth reality. Proportions need to be undone, however, it can be brought about Local tourism revolution Dreamed of the area, with Fosto Orzomarso In front. Slogan already exists – “Fathers’ Calabria Land” – and the name of the project, which was presented a few days ago by Councilor Acting President Spirley, who called for rewriting the future of an area that is already valued. 26% of GDP: Lucio Presta. In fact, the former dancer, who was born in Cosensa and became the manager of a dedicated cast in Rome, will still lead the imaginary revolution. He has not been compensated, Based on what has already happened Giovanni Minoli To Film Commission. Compared to the Turin Journalist, as a project manager, Presta has a smaller budget: Two million euros The money we had anticipated from the beginning, Orzomarso explained to us, however, makes it clear This figure will lead to an increase and a decrease Based on what the needs of the moment will be. The 2021 Action Plan, approved by the region a week ago, clearly states that it is the “Fathers’ Land”: 21 The cost of operating in 2021 is $ 650,000.00. Based on the results achieved in the first year, the administration reserves the right to finance the project for one more year. There is no lack of optimism and confidence. But they both don’t multiply, it seems.

Return home

But what is “the land of the fathers”? In short, Advertising. Marketing that drives Calabrian settlers or their heirs to (again) find the land they started., Themselves or their ancestors, to seek their fortune elsewhere. There are over half a million people in Rome alone, and it increases significantly as you move beyond national borders to focus on developed communities. Elsewhere in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, South America, Canada or Australia. An idea that has already been successfully used in Ireland for a prosperous decade is to take advantage of it. Identity and own In these communities to encourage them to choose Calabria as their vacation destination. And prepare for their arrival. Called Genealogy or emigration tourism This is a constantly evolving phenomenon. However, to increase this wavelength, there is a need for programming, not limited to limiting everything, and the immigrant’s immature and insignificant “Carambata” greets relatives in his ideal village who return every summer. Maximum respect for returning nostalgics, but the goal must be expanded, to find a way to get their interest Second or third generation immigrants Maybe they weren’t here. They hope to find not only some distant relatives while traveling Services, Hospitality, Cultural & Natural Travels, Food, Wine Tours, Apps, Web Portals Allows them to organize a stay as personalized as possible with a simple click.

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So this will focus on ours Cultural heritage that includes history, languages, and traditions In an effort to make the Calabrian Tourist Offer better by the standards achieved elsewhere To distinguish From other areas. The material is not visible, but it must be polished, it will not be simple. The goal is to find Orzomarso and team One hundred identity markers Among the myriad foods, places and customs scattered on the boot’s toes A project – as usual, in these circumstances, they guarantee – will have to be dealt with as much as possible by politics and parties.. More than mayors – how do they take it? – The long road to success seems to be closed Associations For many young people who are trying to renew themselves the local tourist offer to suit the needs of contemporary travelers. Under the supervision of Plenipotentiary Presta, more bilateral guidance than ever before – a challenge, albeit in Pictoria, to Ochioto’s newest administrative bruce – the regional center – right-wing project.
This is enough for his exploitation Rich network of contacts in Italy and abroad Citadel othes will prove that Hitchcock’s exciting promotional campaign is being transformed into the region’s financial revenue and who will take the initiative or join the tear-jerking advertising campaign will be a new corporatist after Mussino’s short film. ? The first to be committed must be the successful Calabrians elsewhere, who are called upon to act as “ambassadors” of the land they have rejected; Second, entrepreneurs and local administrators looking for an international showcase.

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Past, present and future

“The Land of the Fathers” will have an eye on the past, above all through a portal to be used – says the pamphlet presented at the press conference – of ” Genealogical researchVisitors can contact universities, research institutes, archivists, translators, and historians directly or indirectly. Through archival research, recreate one’s origins in anticipation of the journey“But it’s important to look at the present and the future above all, allowing travelers to build their long journey on the same website. Certified routes Thanks Contracts with tour operators are still pending; To buy Baskets of Igp, Doc and Dop products; To attend Events are designed by brand Area envisioned; To do an update Video Journal Project developments and news.
A great activity of Local marketingIn short, without the joint commitment of the entire local socio-economic realm and all the foreign associations and institutions dealing with Italy and Calabria in the world, it would be difficult to take. It is no coincidence that Orzomarso spoke of a “People’s Project” to underline this. Collective effort Necessity and Hope a Cooperation beyond political colors, Rare goods here.

Jubilee of the Calabrians

The path is upwards, the goal is higher than desired: Bring More than 7.5 million tourists registered in Calabria last year before Covid.. The purpose is to give life to a real person “Jubilee of the Calabrians” (Return), welcome at this time January 1 to December 31 (In the updated guise) Aims of the marketing campaign. But there is still a long way to go, despite the questioning jubilee being celebrated 2023 At the press conference Already It is not excluded that everything will be postponed for twelve months. Of course, the next local government, regardless of political color, points the finger at the success of the project more than it currently has. Or the first results may not be long in coming.

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