Will Arctic Monkeys do a Bond song soon?

Will Arctic Monkeys do a Bond song soon?

In an interview, Matt Helders of the Arctic monkeys Bandmate Alex Turner has hinted that he would be perfectly capable of performing a Bond song. The drummer revealed to “NME” on Friday (December 9)., the idea of ​​writing a song in the Bond style came up again and again because of the group’s orchestral sound. In addition, the musician talked about the recording process of the latest work “The Car” (2022).

Are Arctic Monkeys Going to James Bond?

At one point in the conversation, Helders was asked if the band had considered trying a James Bond song with the cinematic, orchestral sound of their last album. “I’m sure we’d still be interested in it, but I don’t think it’s officially suggested,” the musician replied. “However, it’s like Alex is already writing Bond themes, it’s just that there isn’t a film out there that fits his songs! But I’d say there’s definitely a Bond song in there.

In 2011, Turner said, “I’d love to do a song for Bond. Critical.” The comment came shortly after the frontman released the soundtrack EP for the film Submarine (2010), directed by Richard Ayoade. As the group has evolved musically, many fans have already commented that an Arctic Monkeys song would fit well with the world of the Chara franchise.

Recent years have included musicians who have composed a Bond theme Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Adele, Alicia & Jack White And Chris Cornell.

“Car’s” recordings

Elsewhere, the drummer talks about the experience of bringing a full orchestra into the studio for “The Car.” “We handled anything the band was responsible for traditionally, like we’ve always done, but added strings separately,” he explained. Here’s our review of the record.

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“It was a different kind of recording process, but one that I’ve always wanted to explore. We recently had the opportunity to do these radio sessions with six people in an orchestra to try and play some of these new songs live. I think what we’ve learned is how disciplined we can be and how much we can do. [das Orchester] In music.” Holders added, “On the record it comes in and goes out at the right time – it has just the right amount of strings.”

We spoke to Alex Turner about the new production, click here for the interview.

2023 (sold out) tour

The band will embark on a UK and Ireland stadium tour in May next year, followed by a North American tour in September. Arctic Monkeys will be playing in Europe in late April and early May. Germany 2023 Sold Out Dates:

  • April 25: Zenith, Munich
  • April 27: Gymnasium, Hamburg
  • 02. Mai: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin
  • May 3: Rudolf Weber Arena, Oberhausen
  • May 08: Festelle, Frankfurt

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