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The wild Atlantic coast of Ireland was considered the end of the world before the discovery of the United States. Beautiful landscapes have always fascinated people and often serve as the backdrop for Hollywood productions like “Star Wars”.

However, the protagonists of this film are the amazing number of animals that survive on the “Green Island”: whales and basking sharks looking for food in the ocean, puffins and golden eagles that dominate the air, and red deer in the Killarney lakes in the fall. “Wild Ireland” shows the fascinating nature and colorful fauna of a country in contact with the Atlantic elements. Like an emerald in western Europe, Ireland has always been an enchanting place, the last part before the expanse of the ocean.

From breeding colonies to the depths of the ocean

The voyage leads from the breeding colonies of puffins and Atlantic Shears on the peaks of Skilling Rocks to the depths of the ocean to whales and basking sharks. The magnificent rocks of Scelling Michael out of the Atlantic Ocean are the backdrop to some recent soothing “Star Wars” sequences, the remains of an early medieval monastery. Puffins breed on rocks. Shearwater, on the other hand, uses the stone slabs of the old monk’s dwelling as their best breeding ground.

In the ocean currents around the island, whales and sharks find abundant food supplies: plankton, fish schools rising from the depths of the sea off the coast. On the Blacksmith Islands, gray seals converge on sandy beaches in winter. Men test their strength in bloody battles and fight women.

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Return the eagle to higher ground

The northern highlands are home to the Golden Eagle. Many decades later he returned to the Donegal Mountains. Some couples were rehabilitated. It is not yet certain whether the small population can be maintained.

In the southwestern part of the island, in Killarney National Park, the roar of red deer echoes through the beautiful lakes in autumn. Men’s noises are fading. It is not uncommon for substandard deer to die from serious injuries.

Unique portrait of nature

It is this diversity that attracts award-winning nature filmmaker John Murray about his homeland. Growing up on the west coast of Ireland, he created a unique portrait of the character of Ireland.

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