Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland: Map and Route Details

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland: Map and Route Details

On the most beautiful routes to enter Ireland, Is really special Wild Atlantic Way It draws on the map a magical and fascinating travelogue on the coast. We can find all the details from the stages to the duration.

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland: Map

Irish landscapes are known around the world for their lush greenery, high cliffs, and borderless and unpolluted landscape. To find the bestIreland, An unauthorized route Wild Atlantic Way.

The tourist route is windy West Coast of Ireland To me 2,500 km. Passing Nine counties e Three provinces Farewell From the Inishovan Peninsula, County Donegal, Ulster, A Kinsale, County Cork, Munster, Celtic coast.


There are more than 150 points, a thousand attractions, and more than 2,500 activities.

Let us now look at the most important steps of the route and other details you need to know before departure.


The route starts from County Donegal to County Cork. The traveler meets them on the way out Fifty Blue Flag Beaches, You can select more than Twenty Internal routes.

More than 500 are organized each year Events and festivals, Special opportunities to immerse yourself in Irish culture.

Possibility to practice activities such as and sports Whale observation, Kayak Other water sports.

Of course, there is no shortage of opportunities for trekking and stunning walks to discover forts and slopes.

The route is divided into five sections:

  1. Donegal County
  2. From County Donegal to County Mayo
  3. From County Mayo to County Clare
  4. From County Clare to County Kerry
  5. From County Kerry to County Cork
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But let’s take a look at some of the most interesting attractions not to be missed.

Points of interest

You have a lot of interesting places to start Malin Head, The northern tip of Ireland. The tip at the north end is the promontory of Denalderag.

In County Donegal, it’s a lot of fun Grianon de Eliach, A stone structure surrounded by plants.

Not allowed, then Rocks of Mohar, Between the counties of Claire and Limerick. The landscape is also breathtaking Hornhead, A peninsula in Donegal.

There is something interesting Caricabragi Castle, Ideal for discovering the history of the island. Also, you can still admire the strong in County Donegal Fort Dandy, A large defensive fort, situated on a rock.


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