Wikipedia is the most visited website in the world, but Spain prefers sports sites

Wikipedia is the most visited website in the world, but Spain prefers sports sites

Paris, October 7 (Benin News / EP) –

Wikipedia It ranks first in the list of most visited sites on the Internet in 43 countries spanning different continents, but in Spain the reference website among users is the sports site.

Web domain provider Hostinger conducted a study to find out which are the most visited websites in the country, regardless of the traffic generated by such platforms. Facebook Y YouTube.

Hostinger said it excluded the social network from Meta and Google’s streaming video service based on results obtained by Cyro in 2021, when it determined that people spend 213.2 billion hours annually on Google, 12.6 billion hours on YouTube and 44.6 billion hours on Facebook.

First, it was fixed Wikipedia It is the second most visited page in the world Twitter and AmazonSecond and third place winners respectively. And, among some overall findings, the study recognizes that of the BBC Amazon is the most visited news site in most countries (it tops the list of most visited sites in the UK) and the most visited site in the US, Guinea and Burundi.

In this regard, the report points out. Amazon receives 2.66 billion visits Every year in its home country, nearly half of all online shoppers turn to the site to make their first purchases.

According to research, Wikipedia It is the most visited website In 15 out of 38 European countries. They are the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania.

In this line, Hostinger undertook another study conducted by the Pew Research Center, which revealed that the most popular pages written in English in this virtual, free-access encyclopedia are related to the following themes. Current Affairs and Movies.

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However, Wikipedia does not rank among the most consulted pages in the following countries SpainHere one mainly reads articles on sports and history, but that too Top ranking website. Other most visited sites in this country Shane (In the “shopping” category, this is also the most common fashion search), the box (Bank) Or Straight into the palace (Gastronomy).

North America is also dominated by Wikipedia and Twitter, the world’s most visited websites, although half of the countries there favor the use of forums and “fans”. between them, Reddit (most visited in Canada), Nintendoros (in Guatemala) and Fast enough (Most Puerto Rican users are interested).

In South America, the use of Wikipedia is dominant, although the so-called blogging culture is also very popular. This is the situation in the country of Bolivia Blogspot has become a place of Claims of marginalized groups..

E-commerce also exists in the country, with MercadoLibre, an eBay-like platform where sellers and buyers can connect through an auction network, the most visited website in Argentina.

Conversely, in Venezuela, Banco de Venezuela’s website is the most accessed, in Brazil people go to digital content company UOL first, and in Uruguay Portal de Montevideo tops the list.

Curiosities in some countries

The study underlines that some countries present certain peculiarities such as the interest of Internet sites middle East who has Domain local. In this case, only Israel and Uzbekistan in the region have regional extensions (“Il” and “Us”, respectively) for the most visited sites.

On the other hand, although Twitter leads in countries in North and South America, Africa and the Middle East, it Japan The second country with Second country with most active users.

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In addition, Indonesia is the country with the highest number of visits to this social network, while having the eighth largest active user base in the world. Twitter is also the most visited page in Laos, despite only 879,105 visits per year.

For example, in Africa, only a quarter of the population uses the Internet, and the IMDb database of movies and series is the most visited nationally in Africa. Liberia. On and Ghana, On the other hand, Ghana has a successful university website that receives 6.28 million visits annually.

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