Wide made for S (etti) m (a)

Wide made for S (etti) m (a)

Today – 6.05 pm TQQ Aversa (t, 7th Race, m. 2040-2060) Team Ratio: 3-8. Favorites: 11-2-6-8-13. Surprises: 12-9-14. The conference will begin at 14.55. Competitions will also be held against Palermo (T, 13.15), Rome (T, 13.25), Treviso (Oz / D, 13.30), Syracuse (g, 13.45), Modena (T, 13.55) and Livorno (g, 14.05). TV: Live UniSat.

Yesterday – TQQ in Naples: Trees 3-10-14, 206 winners € 157.64, fee with writ. (N. 7) 19.80; Quartet 3-10-14-9, 10 winners 918.59; Quinté 3-10-14-9-5, 1 winner 1,979.04.

France – There is an ampia made SM launched in Vincennes today (Pictured) He is aiming for his fifth consecutive victory in the group stage for the seventh time in a row: after this commitment, he must compete in the Bourbonis on December 12 or the Tenor de Bounces on December 26 to qualify for the United States. Among today’s rivals, he will also find other Italians, Ora SL and Armor Us.

Yesterday at Vincennes Trott: Course C (€ 38,000, m 2850, mounted) 9. Bonton Jiso 15.3. Yesterday I trotted in Reims: Course F (€ 16,000, m. 2550) 4. Izquierdo 17.7. Gallup yesterday at St. Cloud: Handycap (€ 25,000, 1600m) 9. Varoshkin. Today I trot in Vincennes: Course E (€ 29,000, 2100 m) hegemonic; Prix ​​de Chenonceaux (Group 3, € 80,000, 2700 m) Aura Sl, Armor As, Ampia Mede Sm. Jump in the Chantilly today: Disability (€ 25,000, m. 1600 aw) Ivan the Tsar; Greed to claim (24,000, m. 1900 aw); Conditioning (€ 34,000, m.1300 aw) Super empty; Handicap (€ 23,000, m. 1900 aw) white tuxedo; Virgin (€ 27,000, m. 1600 aw) Right Moment, Bremante, Salton Way.

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Sweden – Yesterday Trott in Soul: (146,000 sec, d. 1640-1660) 7. Braveheart Gold 15.0. Trott in Kalmar yesterday: Breadlope P21 (29.100s, 2140s) 5. Mistletoe Holes 14.9, 8. Juan Bros. 15.0; Hgst 75 lopp 2020-Breddlopp P21 (29.100 sec, m.2140-2160-2180-2200, Assembled) Zebrina Font did not run. Today I trot on Axawalla: Top Ylitz Montelope (66,500 sec, m 2140-2160-2180, mounted) Amazon font.

England – Yesterday, the third day of the Tatarsals Fall auction, there was only one Italian purchase: Marco Bossi justified 160,000 Guineas. For a group of Irish and US investors. Blueberry Poita diletto’s half-brother To Dorn Hot sold for 90,000 and an expert i for 37,000.

United States – Umberto Rispolik (126 in 2021) wins Del Mar yesterday, with Red Storm Raison taking third place (Group 2, $ 250,000, m.2,400) along with Friarrez Road in the Hollywood Turf Cup Strategies, with an optional claim allowance. By the way.

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