Why You Should Consider Eco-friendly Phone Cases

Across the globe, there are billions of cell phone users with phone cases. A typical phone case’s lifespan is about 6 months to a year, after which the user is either in search of a new phone or a new case. That leaves a gigantic pile of phone cases to be discarded that may or may not end up in a landfill or even worse, into seas, oceans, and other water bodies.

No one is interested in stopping their upgrades to new and innovative gadgets. What you can do instead is make some compromises in the form of purchasing an eco-friendly phone case. If you are looking to move to a zero-waste way of life, or you’re cutting back on your use of plastic, getting an eco-friendly phone case is a healthy and faultless stride in that direction. Who would not want to protect their phone and the environment in style all at the same time?

Reasons to Consider Getting an Eco-friendly Phone Case

You might still be questioning yourself on if or why you should make a switch from your regular plastic phone case to this new trend of the eco-friendly phone case. Here are six reasons to make the switch:

  • Eco-friendly phone cases are made from natural, easily biodegradable, and sustainable materials such as cork, sustainably harvested wood, corn starch, or bamboo. Alternatively, some are made from biodegradable plastic or recycled plastic and nontoxic, compostable materials.
  • These cases protect your phone just as efficiently as plastic cases. The designs and cut-outs of all the essential parts such as ports and buttons ensure full functionality. Nothing is interfering with your usage or protection from damages, scratches, blemishes, bumps, and drops.
  • Eco-friendly phone cases help in the fight to protect the environment from pollution and reduce the world’s plastic consumption. An enormous amount of plastic ends up in the oceans, destroying the homes of fish, plants, and animals.
  • They are durable, inexpensive, stylish, and customizable. Due to the creativity and make up, no two case designs are ever the same, which means each case is uniquely made and long-standing. The material is flexible and attaches to your phone easily. It also rests comfortably in your hand and it is man-made.
  • When you get bored or no longer wish to use the phone anymore, instead of throwing it in the trash, you can compost it into your backyard garden or compost heap. It takes roughly six months to three years to break down, depending on the material used to make it.
  • Getting an eco-friendly phone case can help reduce your carbon footprint because it is not just your phone that is biodegradable, but the packaging is too. In shipping your package, the envelope and tissue paper used to wrap the case are both compostable too.
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A lot of companies have started to offer more eco-friendly phone cases such as Pela, Wave, Popsicase, and CaseFace. Your device must be kept safe, along with the environment you live in. Who said a good phone case cant be sustainable

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