Why Studying Data Analytics Will Change Your Life

Why Studying Data Analytics Will Change Your Life

Mexico City.- The data analysis specialist will be a much needed job in the future, in fact, this type of information is increasingly used in all industries around the world, in purchases, in the applications we download and in our banking information. .

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for work related to STEM issues (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Will increase by 12.5% ​​by 2024. According to LinkedIn, Data Analyst stands out among such professionals One of the 15 most important jobs of the future Because of the need to utilize the information generated by the more than 40 billion devices that connect to the Internet by 2025.

What does a data analyst do?

Data Analyst is a talented professional Collect, interpret, and analyze data that then turn into strategies Business for companies. Information: An important part of collecting information is the best Decisions. Data Science is an idea used to handle enormous information and incorporates data cleansing, readiness, and analysis. Any Data Science Course in London can prep you for the in-depth concepts of data science and its analysis and gather powerful insights from data.

The need to analyze and interpret the data generated on a daily basis is fundamental to all industries in the world, including banking, manufacturing, service sector, tourism and entertainment. In other words, practically all sectors will need specialists in the future to help translate all the information they generate through their activities into tools that can lead to optimizing resources or increasing productivity or sales numbers, to cite a few examples, ”said Anahi Flores, Ironhawk of Mexico.

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How Much Money Does a Data Analyst Make?

Government Site, Labor Observatory, IT jobs are among the top 10 highest paid jobs today. Within such profiles, The data analyst average salary is 20,083 pesos per month (1 241,000 pesos per year).

What skills does a data analyst need to have?

A dataset, statistics, probability, analysis from real databases, basics of business intelligence, machine learning, etc., as offered above. The course consists of 60 hours of pre-work and three teaching modules.

You know why this is a future job and what pays these professionals.

Ironhawk with information from Mexico.

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