Why should you choose windows from Poland?

Windows from Poland (and, in fact, pretty much all Polish joinery products) are becoming more and more sought-after in Ireland, UK and several other European markets. What is the reason behind their growing popularity? Why and how is it possible for the Polish manufacturers to provide their products at competitive prices without any negative impact on their products’ quality? In order to obtain reliable answers to these questions, we turned to the industry experts – namely, to the Marketing Team of Fenbro, one of the most renowned suppliers of Polish windows, doors and other joinery products on the Irish market.

Windows from Poland – basic facts

While it may be extremely surprising for you, you should be aware that Poland is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of joinery in Europe. With over 2000 companies responsible for production of windows and doors, the accumulated volume of export per year reaches up to 6 million windows per year. This translates into 29% of Poland’s share in the total exports of windows and doors among all the EU countries, which is a very impressive number for a medium-sized country. High number of Polish joinery manufacturers isn’t the only reason behind the success of the Polish windows on the foreign markets, though.

Top Polish joinery manufacturers

Among the manufacturers of windows from Poland, there are several companies that lead the whole industry and are considered as the driving force behind the Polish joinery market. These manufacturers are known and well-regarded for the high quality of their products, not to mention a wide range of available designs, short delivery times and compliance with the Irish standards and safety regulations. According to the Fenbro Marketing Team, the most popular Polish joinery brands are:

  • Aluplast – an undisputed leader in the production of uPVC window systems
  • Aluprof – a manufacturer of highly-valued aluminium windows and door and sliding patio door systems
  • Velux – practically a byword for the best roof windows, another undisputed industry leader in its field
  • Wikęd – a manufacturer of sturdy, robust external composite doors that are designed to withstand even the most unfavourable external conditions
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Why are Polish windows chosen by customers in Ireland?

There are several reasons that make Polish windows a good choice. Among the most obvious benefits, Fenbro Marketing Team experts listed the following:

  • windows from Poland (as well as other joinery products) are tailored to the needs of Irish customers and are compliant with all the safety regulations
  • Polish windows are available at Fenbro at lower prices when compared to the local Irish retailers
  • thanks to the premium-class materials, as well as highly advanced machinery and technological facilities used by the Polish manufacturers, windows are durable, resistant to deformations and dimensionally stable
  • delivery times of windows from Poland are comparable to the joinery from the local suppliers

Fenbro – reliable supplier of Polish windows and joinery

Fenbro is a Polish company selling high-quality windows from Poland to customers (B2B and B2C) in Ireland and other global markets, popularising Polish joinery from the top-rated manufacturers and brands abroad. When it comes to Polish windows, Ireland is the only market, where Fenbro provides a complete service package, consisting of products, delivery, installation, guarantee and after-sales support. However, in the near future, the company is planning to expand its services also to other markets, starting from the neighbouring ones.

If you are looking for more information about Polish windows and joinery, you can easily find it on the Fenbro website.

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