Why Richard Harris almost lost the role of Dumbledore

Why Richard Harris almost lost the role of Dumbledore

Eight movies are available on the Salto platform to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter Saga. Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first two films, almost lost that role. We tell you why.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter Saga, Platform Salto offers eight movies to its subscribers. This is your chance to return to one of the leading characters of the franchise, Albus DumbledoreE commented Richard Harris In the first two films : Harry Potter and the Magician’s Stone And Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Three actors for Dumbledore

Unfortunately, in 2002, just weeks after the shooting of the second Opus, the actor succumbed to Hodgkin’s disease at the age of seventy-two. The status of his successor became a real headache. Several actors considered: Peter O Tool, As desired by the family of Richard Harris, Ian McClellan, In ChristopherEu and Michael Gambon eventually accepted the role. ” A lot of people have asked me what it feels like to be Richard Harris’ successor. Explained later. I responded by comparing it to King Lear. Hundreds of comedians played Lear without paying attention to the approach of their predecessors. An actor takes on a role and makes it his period. (…) I’m of Irish descent, and I automatically gave this accent to the character. Alfonso liked it, so I stuck to it. This is my recognition of Richard. ” The Great Magician has a third presenter: Jude Law, who plays the young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts, a derivative saga including the second and third Opus: Secrets of Dumbledore It will be released in theaters on April 13th.

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Born in 1930, Irish actor Richard Harris made his mark in cinema through his acting. Bounty’s rebels With Marlon Brandoi, A man named Horse, Major Dundee Bounty Hunter, who was recently repressed by Jean Hawkman MercilessE, Clint Eastwood’s multi-Oscar winning masterpiece.

Richard Harris declined to play Dumbledore

Is the producer of Harry Potter. David Hayman, His father was an agent for Richard Harris, and Albus asked him to play Dumbledore: “Richard was my godfather, and he lived with us for a time ഹ In his annual book, December 3, David Heyman stated: Harry Potter: Novels on screen From Bob McCabe.. “For the role of Dumbledore, we wanted a famous actor who was distinctive and naughty. Richard was a perfect fit for the role.But despite his close relationship with the producer, Richard began by rejecting the role of headmaster of the legendary Hogwarts school three times.

The ultimatum of his little girl

As the actor himself said, it was his little girl who convinced him to audition: “I turned down the role for a number of reasons. But my little girl Ellie called me on the phone and said: –Grandpa, if you had not played Dumbledore, I would never have spoken to you again in my life. So I had no choice!“In fact, it was, in his opinion, one of the most difficult works of his career:”The Dumbledore presence, though not so much seen, permeates every book. This is one of the pillars of Saga.

His liking for Rupert Grint

According to Bob McCabe’s same book, I especially liked Rupert Grint, who plays comedian Ron Weasley. Little boy at the end of the first reading session before the shooting Harry Potter and the Magician’s Stone, Turned to him and said: “Mr. Harris, this is a very good read. I hope you are good at the role!A magical moment in the opinion of the late Richard Harris.

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Then do not forget The eagerly awaited reunion of Saga’s original cast, named in French Harry Potter turns 20 and returns to Hogwarts. The show will be available in Salto from January 1 from 9:00 am.

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