Why not let your smartphone battery run out?

Why not let your smartphone battery run out?

Like charging, our phone has good discharge methods.

According to experts, do not fully charge your smartphone or allow it to discharge completely. In fact, maintaining a state of charge between 20 and 80% is ideal. In other words, the advice is to unplug your charger when the battery is 80% charged and charge when 20% charge is left. Explanations.

Understanding charging cycles

Obviously, you should know that the life of a battery depends more on the number of charge cycles than the passage of time. By definition, a charge cycle is the process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it to a load as needed. Simply put, it’s the number of times your device’s lithium-ion battery goes from zero to full charge. Thus, the cycle count of a battery indicates how many times it can go through the process of fully charging and discharging before it fails or loses its capacity. Also, the more number of full charges the user accumulates, the faster the battery wears down.

As you understand, batteries do not last forever. They have 400 to 500 charge cycles. So it is best to avoid charging the battery to its maximum capacity. Also note that recharging a smartphone produces heat that affects battery life. In case of high heat, it is better not to plug in your phone for a long time, keep it cool and remove the shell or protection when charging at night.

Help from manufacturers

To help users save their battery, Android manufacturers have limited charging to 80% in certain situations that use a lot of battery. For example, games and other demanding applications. On iPhones since the recent update, the system has stalled charging at 80% overnight. Resuming charging depends on the user’s normal wake-up time.

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