Why do cockroaches come out at night and hide during the day? – Teach me about science

Why do cockroaches come out at night and hide during the day?  - Teach me about science

It is common knowledge that when night falls, many animals come out of their hiding places and become active, for example some rats and various insects, among which cockroaches stand out.

These insects try to maintain a stealthy nature, but due to their great relationship with humans and our homes being a comfortable haven for them, encounters with cockroaches have become frequent. And, most of the time, when they appear at night, they give us a bit of a scare while we eat dinner or get ready for bed.

In this sense, the question is why do cockroaches come out at night and hide during the day?

Although these insects seem to lie in wait for us and wait for the perfect moment to fulfill their physiological needs, the reality is that cockroaches are nocturnal animals.

That means, unlike us, they are more active at night and hide in their nests during the day. In this way, crows living in urbanized areas take advantage of the darkness to search for food inside houses, hotels or places that serve as shelters, finding it very easy, especially food scraps.

In fact, usually these insects tend to avoid any kind of light, natural or artificial, and when a cockroach goes out in search of resources indoors, when you turn on the light, this is one of the reasons why they usually hide. As fast as possible in the dark.

Likewise, this explains why crows prefer secluded and dark places to nest, find very good hiding places among furniture and appliances, and the fact that apart from providing warmth and humidity, stoves and refrigerators are among their favorite places. Find plenty of food and water without being seen

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Undoubtedly, this characteristic is favorable for their survival and adaptation, especially referring to species living in urbanized areas, since humans are active during the rest day, which allows them to search for a better food source. To be attacked and die.

In this way, there is a very important thing to highlight here, and besides having a better adaptation in hostile environments, having a very flexible and tough ornamentation (chitin) has, in many cases, facilitated this. To escape human persecution, these tiny nocturnal insects can see in near-total darkness by grouping light signals over a period of time.

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