Why did his past as an amateur boxer help Liam Neeson for this role?

Why did his past as an amateur boxer help Liam Neeson for this role?

In Without identity, Liam Neeson plays a man with amnesia who is trapped in a terrible conspiracy. A physical role in which the Irish actor draws on a special experience of his past …

Do you like suspense and action? Therefore Without identity For you. Released in theaters in March 2011, this thriller is by Liam Neeson, who experienced horrific personal drama just before filming began. The Irish comedian plays the character of American researcher Martin Harris. Going to Berlin with his wife Liz for a conference on bioethics. However, he had a serious accident while driving alone and was in a coma for four days. He asks to see Liz when he wakes up. Second, because he is married to someone else, he cannot be identified. With the help of taxi driver Gina, Martin tries to find his identity. So a physical role for the past Nisan to gain past experiences.

Useful boxing past for Liam Neeson

In the movie, he runs, screams, fights. But Liam Neeson used his athletic past not for his muscle scenes. “I fully understand what Martin is doing “, The actor explained when the film was released. I was an amateur boxer when I was little, and a few times after a hit I got Grogi. I always remember a feeling that one feels, even for a short time, if one does not remember anything.

Originally Didier van Covelert

Without identity None other than the adaptation of the novel Loosen my control Didier van Covelert. Released in 2003, the book was offered to producer Joel Silver by his colleague Leonard Goldberg. It was Silver who suggested it to his former Spanish director, J കോm Colette-Serra.

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The beginning of abundant cooperation

Without identity Marks the meeting between Liam Neeson and Jum Colette-Sera. The experience seems to have gone well since the two were reunited Non-stop (2014), Night run (2015) and Passenger (2018). Action movies every time!

Winter will be harsh

The film was shot between December 2009 and March 2010 in Germany, Berlin and at the famous Babelsburg studios. The region experiences the coldest winters in twenty years. German capital. Instead of being disappointed in this unexpected weather, the film crew took advantage of it to enhance the dark atmosphere and loneliness of the main character.

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