Why are Biden closing borders?

Why are Biden closing borders?

The United States maintains its isolation. The White House said Monday that U.S. borders are now closed to international travelers, whether tested or vaccinated. “At this point we comply with existing travel restrictions”, White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said:

One reason given is: The rapid expansion of the Delta variant “here and abroad”. The United States is experiencing a significant increase in pollution under the influence of the Delta variant, the most contagious disease since the Kovid-19 pandemic eruption.

Although EU countries have decided to reopen their borders to the United States, if they are vaccinated against Kovid-19 or tested negative, From March 2020, travelers from the Shenzhen area, the United Kingdom and Ireland will no longer be able to enter the United States.

There is no contradiction for the moment

This border closure has been strongly criticized not only by tourism professionals in Europe, but also by American employers. Canada has decided to reopen the border on August 9 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

vice versa, The United States is increasing the number of warnings to Americans tempted to travel abroad. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the leading federal public health agency in the United States, was added to the UK on Monday. Portugal and Spain, List of places to avoid

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Another major reason for closing borders is the slowing down of vaccination. Nationally, 57% of Americans receive at least one dose, and 49% receive a full immunization.

Joe Biden and his administration, and now growing opposition politicians, are increasingly calling for a resumption of the slow-moving vaccination process over the summer.

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In an attempt to restart the wrong vaccination campaign,Therefore, all New York City officials should be vaccinated Or have a weekly screening test. Effective Sept. 13, the move will apply to more than 300,000 people, including police, firefighters and teachers in the first city in the United States where the Delta variant is spreading.

Monday represents about fifty groups Millions of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, And other health professionals have called for compulsory vaccinations for health workers.

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