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Why are 400,000 people watching AOC playing the game among us on Twitch? | Twitch

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Hi Patrick, I see a lot of screenshots of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Play some game involving small telly tubby-type creations. What about it?

Hey Josh. So basically AOC (and Ilhan Omar) is playing a video game with some internet celebrities among us and she is broadcasting live on the internet to anyone who wants to tune in!

How does the game work?

It’s a social discount game like party games like Mafia or Werewolf, but basically set up on a spaceship or space base or something. Players are either normal players or cheaters. Players must complete a series of tasks to stay alive, while the killer (s) pursue their ranks, sabotage the ship, or kill players. But if a body is found or the players have doubts, everyone gathers for a meeting and votes for someone. If there are ever cheaters equal to ordinary players, the cheaters will win, and if all the cheats vote, it’s a win for the common people. By the way, talking to each other in meetings is common etiquette, so fast talking and cheering are the best way to succeed.

So is the introduction of the game to deceive and mislead people until you win? Sounds like politics!

AOC agrees with you – she basically said the text after another player lied naked on her face and then started backstabbing her to win the game!

Why are they doing this?

Most of us are familiar with PC and mobile, so it’s a huge success for kids these days… and teens… as well as anyone in their 20s who basically has an understanding of what a computer, internet connection and twitch are. AOC and Omar present it as a way for young audiences to get the ‘go out and vote’ message. Maybe they want to stream on the internet with friends because it’s so much fun.

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How many people see this?

They seem to have reached about 430,000 viewers, which was about 400,000 or more when they were packed. It’s all over the world.

Well, that’s a lot of people. How many people usually watch Twitch streams?

The record is about 628,000 when Drake streams with the streaming ninja known on Fortnight, but they are megastar numbers. Regularly popular streamers can drop anywhere from the low thousands to the low hundreds, while regular people who don’t follow existing social media may get ten or more viewers – if they’re lucky.

Will it win new voters?

Probably not New Voters – If you’re excited about streaming Democratic Celebrity AOC on Twitch, you’re already five out of four on the way to becoming the last online leftist in any event. But this will motivate more people to talk about streams and voting, and the EOC was encouraging people to prepare “voting plans” in advance, as voter repression is in the United States, so it certainly can’t hurt.

Is this the first time politicians have used video games to force people to vote?

I remember multiple politicians, Including Hillary Clinton, The next big thing was trying to get into virtual MMO second life, but it was mostly ana of official. This is the first time I remember a politician who even knew how to play a video game, showing some talent in it and doing so would feel real. Most gamers are politicians, and it is generally doubtful that older and more technically savvy politicians will come into their space. Or a little trouble to include terms between us.

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