Why Apple and Ireland are at war with the European Union


The European Court of Justice is expected to rule on July 15 on a lawsuit filed by tech giant Apple over a 13 billion fine in Ireland for non-payment of taxes.

Apple and Ireland are already threatening war. next week Apple’s and Dublin’s appeal against EU fine will be decided by EU General Court. Tech giant has to pay back 13 billion euros. The Irish government reported today that the decision could be challenged in two ways.

Batosta of the 2016 European Union Commission

In 2016 The European Commission has fined Apple for enjoying illegal tax benefits granted by Ireland.

The commission alleges that Apple received revenue from Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe. The U.S. has two fully operational Irish units with no tax residency on the island but only one operation. Therefore, it violates European legislation on national aid.

He has recently emphasized the issue of aggressive monetary policy in Dublin Italian Antitrust President Roberto Rusticelli at a hearing in the Chamber. “Countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are real tax havens in the eurozone, implementing aggressive tax systems that undermine the economies of other member states, and, thanks to these systems, record high growth rates.”

Neither Apple nor Dublin

But last September, Apple and Ireland, which had made financial gains from the hospitality of several multinational companies, appealed against the EU decision.

Apple Corps has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning EU law have been made more than once. The Maxi fine represents the face of EU Commissioner Margaret Vestager’s five years of repression against US tech giants.

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The Irish government prepares the appeal

The European Court of Justice will rule on Apple’s state aid case on July 15, the Irish Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

“Regardless of the sentence, I think the case will be rejected by the European Court of Justice on one side or the other,” Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told reporters.

Apple’s connection to the island

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple’s commitment to Ireland, which became the first European operation in the 1980s, stood firm with its 6.00 workers.

The victory of the European Commission was not so much rejected

He remembers Bloomberg, The first round of judicial decisions on appeals against EU tax repression showed that the Commission was not sure of success.

The same court that ruled in the Apple case overturned the commission’s decision to refund Starbucks for tax deals with the Netherlands, but upheld the EU’s decision on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s Luxembourg tax matters.

Brussels Screen Tour at the Cupertino Colossus

While waiting to see what the EU court will decide, it must be remembered that the EU Antitrust is not abandoning the giant of the bitten apple. European Commission in mid-June Two investigations have been launched against Apple in connection with the use of application download systems (Apple Store) and payment systems (Apple Pay) that may violate EU competition laws.

The new antitrust probe is likely to be the EU’s largest competitive survey of Silicon Valley companies. “We need to make sure that Apple’s rules do not distort competition in markets where Apple competes with other application developers,” said Margaret Vestager, competition commissioner.

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