Why am I choosing OLA Executive Condominium?

An OLA executive condominium is one of the most famous in Singapore city. Gamouda and Evia real estate are working together and also they are the developer for this ola condominium site in Sengkang. The amazing thing is the site has attracted seven bidders with the bid from Qingijan realty. A bid had the hoi hup realty with the Sunway developments which came as the third is had $307.3 million for translating to $553.3 psf ppr. The Hectare site has the yield potential and is inbuilt with the 550 residential units.


Out of the 7 bids are had the lower bid which was received was from Anchor development at $500.95 psf ppr. If you need the exact location of the site, it is located in Anchorvale crescent Sengkang district. There are plenty of amenities and more facilities which give more benefits for the future residents. Rentability is not the biggest issue for this residence. There are lots of transformations that are presented in the Sengkang residence which has lots of transformations. Shopping lovers make a great decision when choosing the area. Moreover, several malls are presented with suitable needs. Moreover, the Ola Ec price is affordable compared to the other residences.


Transportation Network


This residence is located in the main part of the country and you have to easily reach the public places within a few minutes. Normal city life is different from residence life. Multiple advancements are presented in the ola condominium such as transportation facilities, shopping facilities, and more. The highways of this residence are made up of good-conditioned roads. Then it gives a smooth driving experience to the drivers. Moreover, the most famous schools are located near the residence. So, parents don’t worry about their children’s careers. Bus services also help to connect to the neighbourhood which gives the nearby amenities access. The enhanced transportation network is getting to schools, restaurants, and shopping centers which made easier. Most of the amenities are situated near the ola EC by Evia real estate. Furthermore, it is coupled with excellent transportation services. Most of the amenities are strategically situated near to the home at ola EC. This coupled with excellent transportation means that you had access to most things with the least time possible. They introduced the attractive Ola Ec price for their market growth.

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OLA proximity to Schools


It’s every parent’s dream to provide quality education for their kids. Well, living in OLA EC in sengkang by Evia real estate. The amenities that suit the needs of families are plenty for the industry. Some of the schools are helping to find the OLA EC location which includes the followings:


  • MOE Kindergarten
  • Nan Chiau Primary School
  • Anchor Green Primary School
  • Mee Toh School
  • Compassvale Secondary School
  • Seng Kang Secondary School
  • Compassvale Primary School


Shopping Centers in Sengkang


Sengkang is where the many shopping centers will help to satisfy the shopaholic. Unlimited shopping malls help to satisfy any shopaholic. The shops are conveniently located from the home at the executive condo. Moreover, they use the OLA EC Balance Unit chart is explained the all details.

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