Who’s the reason why Apple’s enhanced security feature “iCloud Private Relay” is not working? –Gigazine

Who's the reason why Apple's enhanced security feature "iCloud Private Relay" is not working?  --Gigazine

Apple encrypts IP addresses and location information to increase securityiCloud Private RelayThe offer is on a trial basis, but users of some carriers may not be able to use the “iCloud Private Relay”.ReportT-Mobile, a leading telecommunications carrier that received the criticism, said, “iCloud private relay is not blocked, which is a bug in iOS.”Develop an oppositionHowever, Apple has released a new statement stating that “the carrier blocking iCloud private relay has not been confirmed”.

Apple says there is no iCloud private relay bug in iOS 15.2 – 9to5Mac

Apple says iOS 15.2 does not include any changes that could turn off iCloud Private Relay – MacRooms

The iCloud Private Relay will be released on June 8, 2021WWDC 2021A privacy protection feature announced in ചെയ്യുന്ന that encrypts the user’s IP address and location information through Apple’s server, allowing them to use the Internet while protecting their privacy. This iCloud private relay is a paid service in beta at the time of article creationiCloudIt is provided for members of.

However, through iCloud Private Relay, “to ensure user security by encrypting IP addresses.Risk-based authenticationMay stop working. ”” This may block access to important network data and metadata and affect operators’ ability to efficiently manage their communication networks.MentionIt did.In January 2022, so did T-MobileE.E.Some carriers have reported the phenomenon of “iCloud private relay not working” and “some carrier blocking due to concerns about iCloud private relay”. Rice field.

Some carriers block iCloud private relay on iPhone-GIGAZINE

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Following the above report, T-Mobile released a statement stating that “iCloud Private Relay is not available due to a bug in iOS 15.2, it is not blocked” and “iCloud Private Relay is blocked”. I argued that the report was “I’m”. Doing so “is a misconception.

A carrier who reported “blocking iCloud private relay on iPhone” claimed, “This is due to a bug in iOS”

In response to this T-Mobile objection, Apple added: “We are releasing the iCloud private relay in beta, which is available in most countries around the world, among our carrier partners. We sent it to multiple media outlets, emphasizing that the “block by carrier” or “iOS bug” claim is incorrect.

Following Apple’s announcement, T-Mobile said, “I would like to update the previous statement,” stating that the previous announcement was incorrect. Accordingly, one of the reasons for the series of problems is that “Switching off limits IP address tracking in the iPhone’s data option settings”. Additionally, T-Mobile agrees with Apple’s claim that the iOS update is irrelevant, and states that “applying the update to iOS 15.2 will not change the user’s settings”.

Before and after these statements, Apple announced the iCloud Private RelaySupport page (English version)Updated to add information about the configuration items for “Limit IP Address Tracking”. If you have joined iCloud + but are unable to use the iCloud private relay, the support page will tell you how to set it up.

About iCloud Private Relay – Apple Support

“iOS 15.2.1” was released on January 13, 2021, but the list of changes does not include items related to the iCloud private relay.

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About Security Content for iOS 15.2.1 and iPadOS 15.2.1 – Apple Support

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