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Who was the Nigu woman who met him on the hill?

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A pilgrimage and especially a climb can be very tiring for those with health problems. But a “vision” changes everything.

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Vincenta found it difficult to climb Apparition Hill because of her difficulties. Her fear of getting sick caused her pain. Something changed while reciting the Holy Rosary.

That hard climb to Medjugorje

What we are going to tell you The story of Vincenta, a pilgrim who went to Medjugorje, In this place of prayer and peace, but in his view, the ascent of the Apparitions is a very difficult task. But suddenly something changes.

I first went to Medjugorje when I was 61 years old to make a pilgrimage with a priest. With a thousand difficulties I went to the mountain of the cross. Arrived At the summit I was exhausted. The next year the pilgrimage was suggested to me again and I accepted. But I didn’t seem to be able to handle the climb to the cross again“- he says.

Fear that this will not happen

Fear of not being able to get to the top, but something is going to change: “When we got there two days later, they suggested I go to Apparition Hill instead, and I felt accepted.

I woke up at 5.30 in the morning and started praying the rosary and asked Our Lady to help me climb. “ – Keep it up.

Vincenzo wants to go upstairs and she wants to go to that hill maiden who feels her presence so close. He asks her for help:After the rosary we got on the bus and at the bottom of the hill, without telling anyone about my problems, a pilgrim came to see me: “Give me your helping hand”.

Motivated me, I wanted to thank Our Lady for this help. We started with the priest to say the rosary and go upstairs”.

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That woman’s perspective and the power that comes with it

On the way up, Vincenzo begins to feel tired. “When we got to the first station, my friend invited me to sit down and relax. I was terrified. Suddenly I saw a woman coming with a stick. I do not know why or how, but I thought Madonna. I can not explain, please do not take me crazy!

Medjugorje Hill to the top
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But, from that moment on, I woke up as soon as the mystery was over. My friend held out her hand towards me, but without realizing it: “Thank you, don’t worry, From this moment on, I do everything myself ”. I started to climb faster, I was not panicking now, and even the youngsters passed by. I was happy”.

Vincenzo gains an incomprehensible power, could that cause the woman’s point of view? It remains a mystery.

My friend followed me thinking I was crazy, but he helped me. I was healthy and I was breathing well! Every day I was there I did everything fast without getting tired. There is Our LadyVincenzo concludes his story.

His desire to go there and to overcome everything and go to Mary’s feet and pray was fully reflected.

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