Who wants to be a scientist? – Ashdod Net

Who wants to be a scientist?  - Ashdod Net

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“Eshkol Hafiz” Science Center opens its doors to the public and offers courses in the fields of knowledge, scientific enrichment, research and experience and offers a course for three branches of science: physics, chemistry and biology.

“Eshkol Hafiz” Science Center is a center for fostering scientific excellence among students of diverse age groups.

The Center’s mission is to help produce graduates who are nourished by up-to-date scientific information, empathetic to the natural world and committed to its conservation.

The center hosts science and research activities that provide a platform to nurture students’ natural curiosity and promote the development of scientific thinking skills.

At the Science Centre, there is a morning activity as part of the curriculum, while schools are invited to participate in science enrichment activities from the centre’s regular programmes, and afternoon science enrichment courses and dance classes. .

“This year we launched the Center for Afternoon Activities with the course ‘Future Scientists,’ which emphasizes experiential learning and invites an examination of natural phenomena,” says center director Ayelet Raviv. Level science course combining 3 branches of science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Photo: Ashdod Municipality

“During these meetings, children examine natural phenomena through experience, learn scientific laws, and apply what they learn in building a technological product,” she promises, making it a fascinating experience for all.

Kendra was stunned site The Internet also invites the public to visit it and get an impression of the activities at the Science Center.

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On the website you will find information about events and courses open to the public, as well as the Centre’s activities. In the coming month, the science center will hold Scientific Record Days in honor of the Hanukkah battle.

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