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Donald Fear, left, with the quiz show's presenter Jeremy Clarkson

Hu Wants to Be a Millionaire was crowned the first winner of the film History and Politics Teacher. In 14 years.

Donald Fierre, 57, is currently planning to spend his $ 1 million prize money on a motor home vacation across the UK.

The father of four living in Telford correctly answered the last 15th question about the death of a famous pirate in 1718.

Mr. Fear, who has been married to his wife Debs for 33 years, is the sixth champion in the 22 – year history of the ITV program.

This fortune increased in the family as an older brother, David, won $ 500,000 as a contestant at the same event last year.

After the victory, Mr. Fear and his wife began a voyage on the coast of Northumberland with his wife.

The couple had previously planned to visit Santander, Bilbao and Pamplona in Spain before heading to the Pyrenees, but Covid-19 blocked it.

When asked how he would spend his next vacation, Mr Fear revealed that he wanted to buy a motor home and visit the “stunning UK”.

He said: “I want to go to the states on the next flight or something like that, this is not an option.

“So right now this is stunning UK, maybe Wales first – so I’m going to spend my 1 million on a motor home in Wales.”

Mr. Fear can be seen the moment he discovers he has made a million dollars

“Mr. Fear is like the encyclopedia Britannica sitting opposite me,” said Jeremy Clarkson, the show’s presenter: “Google it, in one head.”

Describing himself as a democratic socialist, Mr. Fear planned to give at least 70% of his success to his family members and spend the rest on “comfortable retirement.”

He also explained the idea of ​​buying an Aston Martin sports car or moving house: “This is a beautiful area. I’ve been there for 27 years.”

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After winning the show’s first fast second finger on Friday, Mr Fear said he was soon in the area.

However, he admitted: “Then I climbed into the chair to discuss my next thing, because I was a little worried that I would fall … because I have very short legs.

“I was focused, I was sitting as still as I could, so trying to keep this (me) calm and serene thing from not making myself a complete idiot on national television.”

The last question he correctly answered was: “In 1718, which pirate was killed in what is now the Battle of North Carolina?”

Answer: Blackbird.

“I’m a date man,” he said.

“You must not have been a history teacher for 33 years without knowing a few dates, and 1718 and Blackbird came to me instantly.”

Jeremy Clarkson & # 39;  Encyclopedia Compares Britannica & # 39;
Jeremy Clarkson compares Mr. Fear to ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’

Mr. Fear used one of his lifelines, 50:50, to win the jackpot, without using his two “phone a friend” and “ask the host” options.

Because of the COVID-19 episodes the studio pre-recorded without an audience, competitors were given the option of a dual “phone front” instead of asking the audience.

Fear, who was born in Bristol, said he had resigned as a teacher at the Adams Grammar School of Haberdashers in Newport, Shropshire. Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is an alumnus.

But he said: “The rules are that you have to go by the end of a period.

“Actually, I’ve never explored the possibility of not being able to go back – but how unfair would that be to my A-level students?”

I had planned to go two years just before my sixtieth birthday.

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“Like, I’m going after my 58s.”

Adams Grammar of Haberdashers shared congratulations on Twitter.

A note from the school number reads: “Well a performance like a cucumber Mr. Fear! Congratulations from everyone in Adams! ‘I taught this to 8 year olds!”

Mr. Fear celebrated his victory with his brother, claiming he was a more intelligent brother.

He said: “He makes me happy.

“We went to spend a night at a hotel with our wives last week and it was completely plastered. He was stabbing me at how happy he was and how happy he was at it.”

The final winner of the Best Prize was Ingram Wilcox in 2006.

Five contestants previously won the $ 1 million prize in the UK edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

The first was in November 2000 by Judith Kepler.

To her last question, the then host Chris Tarant asked: “The king who married Eleanor of Aquitaine?”

Miss Keppel answered Henry II correctly.

15 Questions That Mr Fear Correctly Won to Make $ 1 Million

1 – £ 100

In the UK, what service is abbreviated NHS National?

Humanity / Health / Respect / Family

The correct answer is: Health

2 – £ 200

Which Disney character drops a glass slipper at a royal ball?

Pocahontas / Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella / Elsa

The correct answer is: Cinderella

3 – 300

What is the name given to the revolving belt machinery at an airport that delivers baggage-checked luggage to the baggage claim?

Hanger / Terminal / Concourse / Carousel

The correct answer is: Carousel

4 – £ 500

Which of the following brands is mainly associated with the manufacture of home locks?

Philips / Flymo / Chubb / Ronsil

The correct answer is: Chub

5 – £ 1,000

The hammer and sickle is one of the most recognizable symbols of which political ideology?

Republicanism / Communism / Conservatism / Liberalism

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The correct answer is: Communism

6 – £ 2,000

Which toy was marketed with the word ‘disguised robots’?

Bratz Dolce / Sylvanian Families / Hatchmalls / Transformers

The correct answer is: Transformers

7 -, 000 4,000

What does the word locusius mean?

Anger / pot / beautiful / shame

The correct answer is: Chatty

8 -, 000 8,000

Obstetrics is a branch of medicine.

Childbirth / broken bones / heart conditions / old age

The correct answer is: Childbirth

9 -, 000 16,000

In Dr. Howe, presented by Tom Baker, what was the signature of the fourth doctor?

Bo-tie, brace, tweed jacket / wide-brimmed hat, extra length scarf / pin stripe suit, trainers / cape, velvet jacket, frilly shirt

The correct answer is: Wide-brimmed hat and extra long scarf

10 – 32,000

Which of these religious observances lasts for the shortest period of the calendar year?

Ramadan / Diwali / Lent / Hanukkah

The correct answer is: Diwali

11 -, 000 64,000

The nearest island group is 50 miles southeast of Florida.

Bahamas / US Virgin Islands / Turks, Caicos Islands / Bermuda

The correct answer is: Bahamas

12 – 5,000 125,000

Which of these famous landmarks was the first to be completed?

Empire State Building / Royal Albert Hall / Eiffel Tower / Big Ben Clock Tower

The correct answer is: Big Ben Clock Tower

13 -, 000 250,000

Which of these is classified as a “toothed whale”?

Gray Whale / Mink Whale / Sperm Whale / Humpback Whale

The correct answer is: Spam whale

14 -, 000 500,000

Who was the only British politician to hold four “great offices” at one point in his career?

David Lloyd George / Harold Wilson / James Callaghan / John Major

The correct answer is: James Callaghan

15 – 1 million

In 1718, which pirate was killed in a battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?

Calico Jack / Blackbird / Bartholomew Roberts / Captain Kid

Correct Answer: Blackboard

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