Who is Northern Ireland Based Entrepreneur Mark McCormick?

Bringing a start-up to life is no easy task, but Ireland based Mark McCormick has established himself as a bit of a legend for doing it right. Whether it is starting businesses from scratch, developing existing ones, or investing in the markets, it seems that Mark McCormick, Northern Ireland based entrepreneur, has the knack of getting it right.

In our current lockdown circumstances, it is clear that skilled business people are going to be needed to rescue the economy. With this in mind, Mark McCormick, one of Ireland’s best entrepreneurs, has some sound advice.

Mark McCormick Ireland – Giving Business Advice

The entrepreneur has advised several business start-ups. Funding, market advice, and how best to approach institutions and individuals to secure investment are just a few of the facets Mark has brought to the table.

If you have plans for your business, it could be an idea to talk to an entrepreneur who has walked the walk as well as talked the talk.


Mark is a successful investor. He has invested both in start-up businesses and in the markets, often seeing significant returns. Although the markets have changed considerably due to lockdown, making good long and short term investments are possible.

Again, a seasoned entrepreneur will be able to provide insightful advice. Investing in markets and ventures with potential can generate good revenue streams, but it should be noted that there are times when even the best investors lose money.

Transitioning Online

Lockdown bought plenty of negatives, but one of the positives was that it showed who has the entrepreneurial spirit and who does not. Hospitality businesses that were able to move quickly to sell online have done better than those who have not.

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This is a valuable lesson: If you want to do well, you have to sell online. Few businesses will survive and thrive not selling online or at least have a web presence.

Make Your Offering Irresistible

You won’t be the only entrepreneur to realise the shift in business markets. As such, it is important that your business offering stands out from the competition, and talks to your target audience encouraging them to buy.

This is where bringing in a skilled entrepreneur has real value. They spot things that are hard to see when you’re close to a project. They can highlight aspects that should be emphasised and less important ones that should be moved to the backburner.

Talk to a good entrepreneur, and they can give you valuable advice to get ahead of your competitors.

Business Opportunities

Often, entrepreneurs such as Mark McCormick are good at spotting opportunities that a business can leverage. You may notice that a new market is untapped in the course of developing your business, and it makes perfect sense for you to develop this market into a profitable revenue stream.

Having the advice of an entrepreneur can be invaluable here. Not only will this new revenue stream be online faster, but it will fulfil its potential.

If you have a business that you’re trying to get off the ground, talk to an entrepreneur. The advice will set you on the right road from the beginning.

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