Who is Miguel O’Hara in Marvel? Origin, powers, and abilities

Spider Man 2099 : Qui Est Miguel O'hara Dans Marvel ?

The first Spider-Man: Across the Spider Versus (Part 1) trailer thrilled everyone in Spider-Man. Not only did the official release date of this first installment of the Into the Spider-Verse sequel in 2022 (the second installment will arrive) be known, but the confirmation of Spider-Man 2099 also surprised the wall-crawler community. Spider-Man is one of the most beloved and acclaimed characters in the Extended Universe. We tell you who Miguel O’Hara is, where he comes from and what made him such a unique character.

Who is Spider-Man 2099: The Origin of Comics

We need to go back to the unfortunate decade of the 90s, more precisely to 1992. While exploring new avenues to reach these new heights, this was not an easy time for Marvel, who tried various means to revive the canonical universe of superheroes. Generations. That’s how they got into the hobby of reading thumbnails. The futuristic theme was generally outrageous to everyone, and Peter David was allowed to create a character in the official future of the Marvel universe – what we now understand as Earth. 928 –

Spiderman 2099

David’s aim with Rick Leonardi with the brushes is nothing but to offer a future perspective on Spider-Man, in which the context of the time, at the end of the next century, corresponds to the story. And his abilities as a superhero character of the protagonist.

Spider-Man 2099 Powers and Skills

The background behind the appearance of Miguel O’Hara, the first name of Spider-Man 2099, is varied. We’re talking about a scientist living in New York (of course) whose ancestry is Mexican and Irish. Hence his name and some aspects of his personality. It will not be the only time that a Marvel designer will be inspired by nationalities and cultures contrary to what was established; Miles Morales was born in 2011 in the hands of Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pitchelli into the ultimate universe … with continued success.

Spiderman 2099

Miguel ‘Miggy Hernandez’ is a scientist working for the Alchemyx company in a project that seeks to nurture humans using improved genetics, inspired by the unique abilities of Spider-Man in the 20th century. Due to various circumstances that we do not mention (which can be seen as a plot mess), Miguel finds himself poisoned by a strange substance due to his boss, Tyler Stone. After trying to get rid of this possible genetic variation, a jealous colleague of Hernandez mixed his DNA values ​​with the values ​​of the science project and became a supernatural being with extraordinary powers.

However, Miguel O’Hara transforms into a man with powers similar to the power, agility, paralyzing venomous horns, and ability to create spider webs on his own. Compared to the twentieth-century Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099: Creates his own spider web biologically. Likewise, Miguel has nails on his fingertips that add to the unusual look that allows him to climb and injure his opponents, even in the dark or from a great distance; The negative point is that this high visibility is balanced by the high sensitivity to light. That’s why it’s so common to see him wearing sunglasses. Finally, it should be noted that Spider-Man 2099 does not have a traditional arachnid sense, although it does have a definite ease of understanding the dangers around it.

Spiderman 2099

Debut of Spider-Man 2099; The first series and their dystopian world

Spider-Man 2099 was not so successful back then but one by one it captured the hearts of the fans. It first appeared in 1992, on the thirtieth anniversary of Wall-Crawler, number 365 in The Amazing-Spider-Man. But until November of the same year, Miggy will make his debut with his own series, which will be compiled as a 46-chapter arc. Later we will get the first editions of Panini’s comics in Spain, his extraordinary works like Anniversary and His Special, which have not traveled much compared to other people in the house of ideas.

After seeing him in video games like Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors or Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (his role appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018), now is the time for us to know more about it. Details. Spider-Man: Deep thanks throughout Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versus scene Those who have seen the post-credit-credit scene may have already guessed that this will eventually happen, because Miguel O’Hara made his first appearance at the end of the popular movie. He will be played by Oscar Isaacs, who is responsible for his role as Mark Specter in the Disney + Moon Night series – and thanks to a technological device he worked on, he has succeeded in interacting with different universes: a watch with high technical features.

Spiderman 2099

On October 6, 2022, Gwen Stacey, Miles Morales and company will finally be able to find out what stories await us in Spiderman: Across the Spider Versus (Part One).

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