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Who is his wife Ruth Kearney?

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Featured in Wife of a time traveler, Aired on OCS, shares a passion on screen with Claire, a character played by Theo James Rose Leslie. But in real life, what makes her heart beat faster is an actress, Ruth Kearney.

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Wife of a time traveler, Adopts a series from Audrey Nieffenger’s book series, currently airing on HBO across the Atlantic, and Available in US + 24 South OCS City In France from May 16th. Theo James and Rose Leslie arrived there in lead roles. They camp Henry and Claire, the couple together, but their love is almost thrown away: Henry carries a gene that causes him to travel through time. So he lives his love affair with Claire randomly. However, Henry uses it to re-examine and try past traumas Change the course of some dramatic events. Claire was disappointed in his absence. Developed by the well-known Steven Moffat Which doctor Etc. Sherlock, This series gives a beautiful spotlight to Theo James and Rose Leslie. In life, the main actor shares his daily life Ruth KearneyShe is also an actress.

A versatile English actress

She was born on November 11, 1984, in London, England. Ruth Kearney is an Irish actress, She is known for her roles Nick Cutter and the Gates of Time, the followingThe series was canceled after eight seasons, DictatorA 2014 series, and Flaked, In 2016. Both of his parents are Irish. At the age of five, she and her family moved to Dublin. She attended Trinity College, Dublin, graduating with honors before joining the Old Wick Theater School in Bristol, where she also graduated in 2009.

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It starts in the theater

Ruth Kearney makes her first steps into a role in the theater Man of Mode, Antonia will become her husband along with Thomas and a certain Theo James. She also stands out for her theatrical performances On the rosary, Three sisters, God! The battle is beautiful Etc. Othello or Moore in Venice. Ruth Kearney’s career begins when she plays the main character Jess Parker in the series Nick Cutter and the Gates of Time. She joined the cast in 2011 and appeared in Seasons 4 and 5. Eventually, on Netflix, she became the lead actress in the series. Flaked With Will Arnett.

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