Who is Carol Delga who wants to take part in the 2022 debate?

La socialiste Carole Delga a gravi rapidement tous les échelons en une dizaine d

I do not forget where I came from, I am determined to go where I want to go“, Carol Delga launches us, of course, this position on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, prompted the Socialist to do the impossible. -The date we left the government to submit our candidacy as head of what we called during the region was announced on Twitter.

Other names mentioned to represent the Left in this election include Home Minister, left-wing extremist Sylvia Pinnell, and Socialist President of the Gers Department, Philip Martin Montpellier’s rebel and mayor, Philip Saural (defeated by Mikhail Delphos in 2020). “She is a woman of character“, Confirms Philip Martin, who is now part of his inner circle.” CHe was incredibly fortunate that a woman could take over the presidency of a region as large as a very diverse region and some countries like Ireland. So I quickly made the decision to support her“, He recalls. The rest know, but just before the 2015 election, women headed by a local executive were very rare, and in the opinion of the former Secretary of State, this was an achievement.

“Let us be clear, Being a woman in her forties in the last decade is an asset. It is more difficult for a woman to enter a certain level of responsibility, but when you are at that level of responsibility and equal to a man, being a woman is an asset. However, the access route is very difficult because we have to prove more and fight against stereotypes, ”she testifies.

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Apartments The formal apartments have been converted into living rooms

In addition to the social opportunity that comes with electing a woman to this mandate, this ballot is an opportunity for Carol Delga to return to her origins. Born in Toulouse on August 19, 1971, she grew up in the Midi-Pyrenees between Pink City and Cummings. He was elected mayor in 2008 while living near Mart മാർnez-Tolocene. In addition to the 12 months he spent in Bercy and the Paris region, during the reign of Franോois Hollande, his childhood residence in this small town south of Toulouse …

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