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Who are the new actors in Season 4?

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She’s finally here! Fourth season Things unfamiliar, The hit series from Netflix and its first round episodes will be unveiled this Friday, May 27th. Although we know why it took so long since Season 3, David Harbor (Jim Hopper) revealed more about the end of the series. But before that, we need to find the new faces that this new season has brought, along with the adventures of Will and XI (who’s Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend?). Télé-Loisirs presents them to you.

Joseph Quinn plays Eddie Manson

New Actors, Joseph Quinn He is a 29 year old British actor, but he has already been seen in the movie Zombie Boss In 2018, or in Season 7 Power game. Eddie Munson, the leader of, comments here Hellfire ClubClub Prisons and Dragons (D&D) from Hawkins High School. He has been described as the brave metalhead of the 80s. It is hated by those who do not receive it and (few) love it.

Eduardo Franco became Argyle

Finally Jonathan is no longer a lonely soul. Besides her boyfriend, we were rarely together, and eventually found a close friend in Argil who was far more outspoken than he was. The new pizza distributor is playing Edward Frank. The American comedian had previously stood out in the series American Vandal He starred as Spencer Diaz on Netflix, and more recently in the movie Booksmart Of the SVOD platform, as Theo.

Amybeth McNult, de Anne is an eEst wiki

It’s one of the most well-known faces of subscribers to the American streaming platform: the heroine of the series is Amibeth McNulty. Anne is an e. The 19-year-old actress, who is of Irish and Canadian descent, will play Wiki, one of Hawkins High School students who is also a member of the marching band. She could be a new partner in the group …

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Miles Truit presents Patrick

Hawkins Hike is another new student! Miles Trout Patrick, one of the champions on the school basketball team, slips into his skin. He is at the height of his popularity when a dramatic event is about to turn his life upside down. The 20-year-old American actor was first noticed in some sci-fi movies Relative: The beginningOr in a recent series Black Mafia family There he had the role of B-Mickey.

Regina Ting Chen as Madame Kelly

This year, Hawkins High School has a guidance counselor in the role of Mrs. Kelly. This is it Regina Ting Chen The one who contains it. The American actress has already been noticed in background roles in movies Spiderman: No way home Or Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Grace van Dean slips into Chrissy’s skin

Originally from California, Grace Van Dean Netflix subscribers may be familiar with the fact that she has previously starred in a relatively short series. Greenhouse Academy. Here we find her in the skin of Chrissy, the head of a high school cheerleader who enjoys crazy popularity ratings.

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