Who are the actors in this gray series?

Who are the actors in this gray series?

This Friday, January 28th, Netflix is ​​offering Spy Series to its fans In previous serviceWe tell you all about its performers.

“When her past as a Russian spy reappears, an unmarried mother with unique abilities must deal with her family life as she fights a treacherous enemy.” This is the pitchPowered by Blogger Service of the past, The new thriller from Netflix, will be available on the American streaming platform starting Friday, January 28th. The screenplay for the eight-episode series was created by screenwriter Adam Glass Cold case And Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Among others. It mixes polar, action and a bit of science fiction.

The heroine of In Service of the Past is Margarita Leviva

Her first role was as an American actress of Russian descent, Margarita LevivaIn previous service. The actress plays the seemingly eventful mother of Jenny, who is forced to reconnect with her old reflexes as a KGB agent after being linked to the CIA this holiday season in Europe. The actress first appeared Revenge, With Emily Vankamp before joining the castObedience And so on Blacklist. Recently, she responded to Maggie Gillenhall The Deuce. Lydia Fleming, a young woman who starts a business, falls in love with Jenny’s daughter, Becca.

Already preparing for Season 2?

Cillian O’Sullivan plays Chausi, a rebellious CIA agent who pressures Jenny to pursue his interests. The public knows about seeing the Irish actor Blacklist, The Vikings Or Fatal stop over. Charles Bryce, seen in Homeland, lends his features to hacker Chris. The lesser known Amanda Bright, Anastasia Martin Zuine and Aliona Lamelnitzkaya complete the cast of this promising spy series. Season 2 will get better for anyone. The first chapter of Jenny’s Adventures ends with a great cliffhanger … If the American streaming platform sticks to its habits, it will soon be communicating on the subject.

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