Who are more Catholics than Protestants in Northern Ireland?

Who are more Catholics than Protestants in Northern Ireland?

In 1921, Britain divided Ireland.

The majority of people in Northern Ireland want to remain under Protestant British rule, while the majority of Catholics support unification.

However, demographic trends suggest that this next census may accelerate the consolidation process.

“Half of school-age children are Catholic, and only one-third are Protestant. Now, over time, they will work to reach out to voters, that is, they will become voters, not voters at this stage. That will be what we find when we get the results., Reveals researcher Paul Nolan.

The division was once in favor of 60/40 Protestants. The 2011 census shows that this gap has narrowed significantly to three percent.

On Shankil Road in the pro-British, Protestant region, it is said that a Catholic majority does not automatically mean a united Ireland.

Says Billy Hutchinson, adviser to the Progressive Unionist Party “Just because there are more Catholics doesn’t mean they want a united Ireland, it means they live in a country with a national health service with social rights. People make decisions based on them, and we can talk about trends, not about anything else. We will understand that.

A 2016 survey revealed that more Catholics are now in the workplace than Protestants

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“They see the damage that Brexit has done, and it will continue. I think, two unionists, not many people, but some have begun to take a significant part in this conversation about what a new Ireland will look like.“John Fincaine, deputy to Sinn Fin, concludes.

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“For the first time in more than 300 years, the number of Protestant Catholics is expected to exceed 300., Reports Euro News journalist Ken Murray.

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