White House doctor says Trump tested negative for Covid-19

White House doctor says Trump tested negative for Covid-19

The White House doctor said that Donald Trump had a negative test on Covid-19.

In a memo released by the White House this evening, Dr. Sean Conley said, “Trump tested the negative on consecutive days, using the Abbott Binaxnow antigen card.”

The doctor said that the determination of negative vision has taken many dimensions and not only a quick examination, but also that “the president is not contagious to others.”

It comes after Trump Announced He claimed he was healthy enough to return to the campaign trial over the weekend and that he was now immune to the virus.

Trump A campaign tdor campaign rally is scheduled for this evening at Sanford Airport in Florida.

On board the ship after a positive test for the corona virus, White House Press Secretary Kaylee McInani said rally attendees would be encouraged to wear masks and hand sanitizers would be made available.

“Ultimately, you have the right in this country to show and express your political views,” McInani told Fox & Friends.

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Trump will visit Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina this week as part of a drive to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who took a double-digit lead in the national election, according to the RealClear Politics website.

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