While 117 people are still missing, survivors are not expected to find any survivors

While 117 people are still missing, survivors are not expected to find any survivors

The Rescue workers Hope was lost. They now think they are exhuming dead bodies only from the rubble of a collapsed building on the surf side.
Florida June 24 night. According to Golan Watch, an expert at the head of one of the Israeli search teams who interviewed the local 10 Channel, the search for the survivors remains “close to zero.” 28 were killed and 117 were missing.

As we approach Elsa storm Authorities decided to destabilize the rest of the building because of the possibility of strong winds. Controlled damage occurred late Sunday, “exactly as planned,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine.

Still an unexplained crash

Only one teenage survivor was rescued from the wreckage during the first hours of the rescue operation. Rescuers from the United States, Israel and the United States have been mobilized, but no survivors have been identified. Mexico. Dozens of Latin Americans are missing from Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay.

Although there are questions about the building’s repair, structure, nearby construction activities, and rising water, the collapse has yet to be explained. According to documents released by the town of Surfside, a report in early 2018 recorded “major structural damage” and “cracks” in the foundation of the building.

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