Which is the worst language in India? Confused by Google’s response, National apologized

भारतातील सर्वात खराब भाषा कोणती? Google नं दिलेल्या उत्तरामुळे गोंधळ, मागावी लागली माफी

When asked on Google, the worst language in India, Kannada got the answer, and a riot broke out in Karnataka on Thursday.

Bangalore 04 June: When asked on Google, the worst language in India, Kannada got the answer, and a riot broke out in Karnataka on Thursday. People started discussing this on social media. The matter became so serious that the state government sent a legal notice directly to Google. In addition, leaders of all political parties expressed their dissatisfaction and criticized Google. Following this, the answer to Kannada, the worst language in India, was removed from Google. Google apologizes for the inconvenience, saying the search results did not say anything.

Karnataka Kannada, Culture and Forests Minister Arvind Limbavalli said in a statement that he would send a legal notice to Google. He took to Twitter to express his displeasure and asked Google to apologize to the people of Karnataka. He tweeted that the Kannada language has a history of its own and came into existence about 2500 years ago. The Minister said that this language has been the pride of the Kannada people for a long time.

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He said that showing that the Kannada language was bad was an insult to the dignity of the people of Karnataka. Therefore, Google should immediately apologize in this case. Google will be prosecuted for tarnishing the image of our beautiful language.

A Google spokesman said the search was not always complete. Often a search here reveals unexpected answers. “We have an impression that this is not right, but we will fix it as soon as we realize it,” he said. Google has nothing to say about this. However, we apologize for the misunderstanding and for hurting people’s feelings, “he said.

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