Which image should be included in the new Euro notes?

Which image should be included in the new Euro notes?

The ECB says it wants to hear from European citizens to decide what to represent in the new euro notes to be produced from 2024. Here’s an idea

European Central Bank (ECB) Announced Until the final decision in 2024, it intends to work with European citizens to reshape Eurobank notes.


“The redesign process will begin with the establishment of focus groups tasked with gathering citizens’ ideas across the euro area on potential issues for future Eurobank notes,” the note reads.

“A consultation group consisting of experts from each Eurozone country will pre-select and present a series of new topics to the ECB’s Governing Council.”

This is the procedure.

Upon receipt of the Consultation Group’s recommendations, the ECB will invite the public to express themselves on pre – selected topics. So there will be a design competition for new banknotes, at the end of which the ECB will once again address the community. The final decision rests with the Governing Council.

Once the design phase is complete, the Governing Council will approve the production of banknotes and determine possible issue dates.

Who are the experts

The members of the consultation group already appointed by the ECB, as recommended by the National Central Banks in the Eurozone, are “experts in a wide range of disciplines, from history to the natural sciences and the visual arts to technology”.

“Euro notes will always be a part of our lives. They are the tangible and visible symbol of our unity in Europe, especially in times of crisis. Moreover, their need is still strong. Twenty years later, it’s time to renew our banknotes so that European citizens of all ages and backgrounds can identify with them, ”said ECB President Christine Lagarde.

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Theme Selection Advisory Group Members: Alice Twenlow (Netherlands), Full Professor (History, Theory, Sociology of Graphic Design and Visual Culture), University of Amsterdam; Costas Verotsos (Greece), Artist and Full Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Demetrios Mychilides (Cyprus), Professor Emeritus (Classical Archeology), University of Cyprus; Elvira Maria Correa Fortunato (Portugal), Vice Rector, Nova University of Lisbon; Fabio Beltram (Italy), full professor (physics of matter), scola normal superior to pizza; Fintan o Tool (Ireland), full professor (Irish literature), Princeton University, columnist, The Irish Times; Ieva Zībārte (Latvia), Zuzium Art Center, Head of Exhibition; Jana Arbiter (Slovenia), Assistant Professor and Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (University of Ljubljana); Lisa Borghenheimer (Germany), full professor (information design), Offenbach am Main School of Art and Design; Maria Virkala (Finland), artist; Marija Marcelionit-Paliuke (Lithuania), full professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts; Nouria Oliver (Spain), director and co-founder of Ellis Aliികn’s unit and chief data scientist at the Datopop Alliance; Patrick Sanavia (Luxembourg), Director, Luxembourg National Heritage Office; Peter Ufreiter (Austria), Director General and Scientific Director of the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology; Sylvia Mihalikova (Slovakia), full professor and researcher, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology, University of Trincomalee; Stefan Distingwin (France), Founder and CEO, Fabernow; Stephen Vanflatren (Belgium), photographer; Vladimir Tiger (Estonia), graphic designer, Waba Ma.

A proposal

The design of the currently popular euro notes is inspired by the theme “Ages and Styles of Europe”, which represents windows, portals and bridges.

“We want to design Eurobank notes that European citizens can identify with and use when they are proud of their currency,” said Fabio Panetta, a member of the Executive Committee.

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We actually had the idea of ​​dedicating banknotes to the founding fathers of European society, and to the people who created European architecture with their vision: Conrad Adenauer, Walter Holstein, Joseph Bech, Winston Churchill, Paul Henry Spock, Jean Monet, Spiel Schmidt, and Robert Schulz; Many.

Better people than windows, portals and bridges that can inspire today’s European rulers and citizens – may be the faces to be printed in the next euro.

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