Which countries can you go to?

Which countries can you go to?

In the days that followed, a controversy arose over the possibility Travel abroad It is impossible to move even between one municipality and another within the national border. The government intervened in the provision to restrict access and certain laws.

New rules imposing a buffer and embargo

Basically, those coming to Italy from another EU country will have to pay for it Buffer Also stay on board for 5 days, which is now valid until April 6, and is also valid for foreigners coming on holiday to Italy. The law is intended to discourage those who want to go abroad for tourism in the wake of protests by Federal Bergi and other associations.
In fact, the ordinance reads:

“Anyone who has stayed or passed fourteen days before entering Italy in one or more EU states and territories is subject to a five-day embargo on health monitoring and at home or at home.”

After the isolation period, another molecular test is required.

Which countries can you go to?

In particular, the above rules apply to most of the countries included in the proposed list: France, Belgium, Estonia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Germany, etc. pass through Croatia (The complete list can be found here). The rules for returnees from Austria, the United Kingdom and the United States are stricter: returnees face up to 14 days of isolation. The procedure is the same in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Many Italians had booked to arrive at the airport to leave for tourism, after the Interior Ministry confirmed that they would be allowed to stay abroad. International Travel Know that the Easter holidays in our country will be in the red zone. From this arose a controversy, which prompted the government to decide on a compulsory buffer and isolation if they returned to Italy, and the law would be valid from what they had learned in May.
About Holidays in ItalyHowever, no travel of any kind is allowed during the holidays. It is only possible to reach second homes, but some areas have ruled out this possibility. Tuscany, Marseille, Valle de Osta, Liguria, Bolzano Province and Puglia are all barred from entering the country. On the other hand, Campania residents are not allowed to reach second homes, while a Kailash is required before entering Sardinia.

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