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Twitter announced on Thursday that it would soon open the door to authenticate user numbers with a blue mark that applies to the site’s terms.

He said in a statement on Friday that every person on Twitter would receive a request to gradually verify his account within the next few weeks.

The site confirms that the user will respond to authentication requests within a few days of submitting the request, but depending on the size of the waiting list the response may come in two weeks.

Depending on the site, its verification policy requires “Account Completion” based on “Account name, account picture, verified email or phone number”.

Here are six categories of accounts that may qualify for verification:

Government – Corporations, Brands, Organizations – News Organizations, Journalists – Entertainment – Sports, Games – Activists, Organizers, and other influential individuals.

A confirmation request can be submitted at any point in the next few weeks via the Account Settings tab.

Once submitted, Twitter says: You can expect a response within a few days, but depending on the number of requests this timeline can last a few weeks.

Twitter said: All requests are human evaluated, and if the verification process is approved, a blue badge will automatically appear on your account.

If Twitter does not accept your request but you believe you have qualified for the badge, you can reapply within 30 days of the company’s decision.

The social network program was suspended in November 2017 after it was widely criticized that a white fanatic’s account received its blue verification badge.

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The company admitted at the time that the purpose of the verification was confusing, as it was actually thought to be a way to authenticate the account’s identity, but over time the badge seemed to acknowledge Twitter itself.

Twitter launched its original verification program in 2009 as a way to verify the identities of prominent users who may be in disguise.

But the confirmation process was sluggish, with no clear way to go, and that changed in 2016 when Twitter opened its confirmation program to the public.

When the public application program was suspended in 2017, the platform sought to clarify the rules regarding accounts that are eligible for verification.

In January 2021 a new confirmation policy came into force.

To qualify, according to the January 2021 rules, accounts must have a verified email address or phone number, account picture and name.

Accounts may also lose badges due to serious or repeated violations of Twitter’s rules.


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