#whereisjudith: The secret of Tagore’s spokeswoman Judith Rockers

#whereisjudith: The secret of Tagore's spokeswoman Judith Rockers

News anchor Judith Rockers is now obscuring her Instagram fans. You need to know: Where is the 45-year-old traveling?

Hamburg – News presenter Judith Rockers (45) At present she obscures her worshipers.

Judith Rockers, 45, still keeps a secret. © Screenshot Instagram / Judith_Rackers

The 45-year-old has been posting new posts and stories on her Instagram account for days without revealing where she is now. Now she made fun of it.

“Where am I? Why?”, The presenter wanted to know first on the weekend and showed a selfie from a windy hillside by the sea. The first tips fell on Ireland, Scotland or Portugal. But Judith Rockers initially did not disclose whether the correct tip was included.

Instead, the ess trade continued: “New hint: horses living in the woods,” she wrote of a landscape photo. Also, she was in the woods outside and outside – and not alone, she told her community in a nigo way.

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While some fans are still happily ess to create watchlists of collected hints and place the hashtag #whereisjjudith, other followers are now upset.

“At least one person really enjoys the puzzle!”, A user writes with a wink. “It’s on my nerves,” says another.

But fans don’t have to apologize much longer. Because Judith promised to abide by the resolution soon. However, in the comments, your community is already zero in on one goal: most of you are betting on Galicia in northern Spain.

However, it is still a mystery whether Judith Rockers is on her way to business or happiness. But the latter is possible. For her island reports, Judith Rockers repeatedly reports on specific locations and people by the sea.

Judith Rockers, 45, wore a yellow blouse at Tagess Chow.

Judith Rockers, 45, wore a yellow blouse at Tagess Chow. © screenshot tagesschau.de livestream

The moderator seems to have a weakness for subtle hints.

She made a splash when she appeared in the news a few weeks ago with a yellow blouse.

The reason: Soon after, Ariana Babori (33) and Laura Larson (32) were hinted that their podcast “Herringedek” was a listener. “Judith, please give us a sign by wearing something yellow!” Said Laura Larson during an episode.

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In fact, Judith Rockers later confirmed that choosing the color of her blouse was not a coincidence.

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