Where was the series filmed?

Where was the series filmed?

If you have already started or already swallowed eight episodes of the first season Vikings: Valhalla, On top of the latest releases on Netflix, you may have fallen in love with the setting of this series. And we understand you! Mountains, lush green hills, wild beaches … Nature is clearly highlighted here! This series attracts internet users with its beauty. “Today I started the Viking Adventure: Valhalla. Damn, this is beautiful, I was surprised “, Attests to one of them on social networks. If this also makes you want to travel, we reveal the secrets of filming this spin-off The Vikings. The series we can absolutely watch Never seen The VikingsCompletely filmed in Ireland, like its older sister, especially in two places: County Wicklow, on the east coast of the island, and Dublin, the capital.

County Wicklow is a special and admirable filming location Vikings: Valhalla

Series Vikings: Valhalla Mainly filmed in Ashford, a beautiful village in Wicklow County south of Dublin. Not only is the headquarters of Ashford Studios in Ireland County, the village of Cuttack is located in the rebuilt Balihenry District, and the loft tee where Cuttack’s settlement was first built before being converted into studios. Surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, Lough Tike is easily accessible from a Scandinavian flyover. Another place of filming: the lakes of Blessington, still in Wicklow, with its official name “Poulaphouca Reservoir”. They served as a backdrop for voyages of Viking ships. In addition, the cast and crew filmed at the Powerscourt Falls on the Dargil River near the village of Enniskeri.

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Ashford Studio, an Irish Hollywood?

The cruise was hosted by Brittas Bay, which is made up of 5 km of sand dunes. Landscape was also served Count of Monte CristoReleased in 2002. The coastal city of Greystones, Avoca Mines, and several sites along the Wicklow coast between Black Castle and Brittas Bay appear in this first season. Vikings: Valhalla. Several small treasures that illustrate his passion for the area. County Wicklow has also served as a filming location for cinematic masterpieces such as brave Heart For example ! We understand very well why this part of Ireland is sometimes called the “Hollywood of Europe”. That’s why Joe O’Connell set up Ashford Studios there: Make this area an air-live!

Vikings: Valhalla Enjoyed Dublin and its historical treasures

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, also served as a filming location Vikings: Valhalla. The city is located in the province of Leinster at the mouth of the River Liffey, which is ideal for some scenery. In addition, the Irish capital has a number of historical sites, including Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Spoiler of Dublin, the Hapenny Bridge, and the old library at Dublin Trinity College. The creator of the series, Jeb Stuart, was found to be filming in Ireland “Source of Happiness”. Ireland offers rich natural settings to history Vikings: Valhalla, It’s 100 years after the Parent series created by Michael Hirst, which ended six seasons later. This spin-off follows the fate of some of the most famous Vikings ever to exist. This may be the question of William the Conqueror, Leaf Erickson or Freudis and Harold Harada. According to Channing Dange, Vice President of Netflix’s Original Series Division “Vikings: Valhalla promises to be everything fans love about the franchise: a story that focuses on thrilling, unrestricted action, uniquely rich characters, family, loyalty and power.”

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