“Where do I save now?”

"Where do I save now?"

“I’m unbearable”

In general: “I always cook for two days and buy a lot of items that are going to expire,” she reports. Her favorite food, spaghetti bolognese, has long since disappeared. It’s been years since the last vacation. She postponed several purchases.

Dreams like going to a concert with the Rolling Stones or a trip to Ireland are out of the question. “Instead, I have nightmares of having to live again in well-being,” Goose says. She was always ashamed of it. “It was unbearable for me,” she recalls.

“Where do I save now?”

Sometimes she still thinks painfully about the comments she gets. “Go and work!” She listens often. But the subsequent application was rejected. “Maybe it’s because I’m over 40,” she guesses.

The sense of redemption of having finally found a job is now null and void. Tomato soup or beans, spice, specials and casserole are currently on Goose’s menu. However, the Gelsenkirchen native has little room to save: “Spaghetti now costs more than double that,” says Goose.

Long line in Weissbaden (archive photo): New customers are not being accepted due to overcrowding in many places. (They are: Rene Schultz / Imago)

Goose has long been known to buy only essentials, use discount coupons, and take only organic food from a special box. “For years I was a welfare recipient and had to turn over every euro,” she recalls. She expects more justice and protection of human dignity from politics. “Where do I save now?” She asks. Saving is not an option, but a legitimate question for the inevitable people.

After deducting their fixed expenses such as rent, insurance, telephone expenses or clothing for the 60 sq m apartment, only a minimum of one-third is left in the account. But Goose had to save, especially before high inflation.

Fear of utility bills

Her work, which she found in a neighboring town, gives her back a portion of the dignity she no longer enjoys as a recipient of Hearts IV. However, her income of 200 1,200 does not allow her to sleep peacefully. “My car has axle damage and it costs at least 500 euros,” she fears.

At the same time, if the washing machine breaks down, her dog or cat has high veterinary expenses, or the high payment for heating costs falls on the house – the gusset will be “destroyed”.

Holidays should be postponed

Soon after Heart jumped from IV, everything seemed to change. Coffee to go, a new sofa or at least a vacation in Sovereign possible. “I told myself, if I work, I’m finally entitled to a vacation. I’m already paid for the trip,” Goose said. The financial crisis had to be postponed again.

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